Monday, November 12, 2007

On Bloggingham Road: Tinkering With Mr. Summerfield and Other Such Adventures

AM: Took a walk behind Bloggingham Palace. The trees were gorgeous and the weather was perfect.
I love fall.

Pansies to plant....

Stared out the window for a while. Decided to take a road trip.

Stopped at the local cemetery which was literally half full of Veteran's Day flags flying. I took a few shots. Very moving to see how many people had served our country.

Noon: Visit my parents and arrive in time for lunch.
"Hi Sis! Why aren't you working today?""It's Veteran's Day. I have the day off."
"But you're not a veteran."

Very funny, Daddy.
(He was in rare form today let me tell ya.....)
"I heard you went to a party yesterday" I asked him. You're such a party animal. Did you have a good time?"
He said, "Did you hear the one about Frank and Earnest? One was running from the law and......." The joke trailed on but was lost on me. He laughed and laughed. So did I (even though I didn't get it). I decided to take some pictures. He was not amused.

We ate homegrown tomatoes and other such healthiness. "Why are you taking pictures of my tomatoes.....?"

"Don't take a picture of that.

The plant is dead."

Watched my dad tinker in his wood shop. Don't ask me what he's doing. He tried to explain it to me several times. I finally said, "If that part is missing, why don't you just go to the store and buy another one?" No. He wants to fix it himself.

"Why are you taking pictures of the condenser?"

"What's a condenser?"
"Never mind, Mimi."

We talked about these tools in the tool shed.

He lost his crackers and soda. (He's diabetic. That's not good.)I found them buried under a pile of stuff in the woodshed while he explained about nailing all these to the wall of the shed himself. "So your Mama knows where they are and can find them......"
Did you find my crackers?"

"Why are you taking pictures of my lamp?"

"I want to put it on my blog."
"What's a blog?"

"Never mind, Daddy."

"Why don't you take pictures of my roses?" asked my mother. You can put it on your blog."OK, Mama.
"What's a BLOG?"
"Never mind, Daddy."

"Why are you taking pictures of my woodpile?"

He looked at me and then said, "Never mind."

Sat on this porch and had coffee with my mother........

"Is Mr. Summerfield home? I asked. (He lives next door.)

"He died."
"Mr. Summerfield died??!
"Didn't you know? Did you know Mr. Summerfield died?"No, Mama. I did not know Mr. Summerfield died! When did it happen?"
"While your daddy was in the hospital."

I look at him in his tinkering Carolina Tarheels shirt and say,
"Why didn't you tell me? Daddy! How could you forget to tell me?"

"I was in the hospital. I was busy."

Very funny, daddy, very funny.

PM: Time to go home. Almost sunset. The camera is full and I'm thinking about poor old Mr. Summerfield. My mother hates cats and he had at least thirty-five in his house. I wonder what happened to the cats? Why didn't I ask about the cats? Why didn't somebody tell me about the cats?

They wore me out.

The sun is setting on Bloggingham. I sat by this window and answered emails, looking at the pansies.
I can tinker too ya know.

Never mind.


Amazing Gracie said...

What a beautiful site to dream peaceful dreams...A little bit of heaven.

Patti said...

Interesting visit with your parents! What's a blog? lol

Beautiful photos, Mimi ~ I posted two fall foliage pix yesterday as well... Great minds think alike.

Akelamalu said...

Those are such beautiful photos Mimi and what a lovely way to spend an afternoon - with your Mum and Dad! x

Bond said...

Ah we get to see inside the palace walls...behind the moat...and into the chambers of the royal family...

now, if I knew what a blog was....

Lee said...

Mimi, thanks for sharing the visit with your parents. Reminded me to give my parents a call back in Illinois.

By the way, isn't fall in North Carolina a great time of year? Actually saw someone today in flip flops, shorts and a t-shirt. And I was wearing a fleece jacket!! (You did tell me you lived in NC, didn't you?) :0)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

parents are exhausting! sigh...

smiles, bee

Julie said...

How wonderful to share pictures from your parents. When I visit my mom I put pictures on my blog too. If only mom knew! Tee hee hee!!

barbara said...

Hi Mimi,
How are you ?
I enjoyed your photos and hearing about your trip back home.
I can relate with a lot of things there...
Of course, the generation gap concerning computers & the internet.
My Mom never wants to touch a computer.
My Dad-in-law thinks that he's too old for this, and it's too complicated.Then, his eyesight has worsened ( a problem with a retina).
So when I get nosy with the camera, I say it's for my photo collection ( which is true).

Have a nice day, my friend.

Travis said...

That story relaxed me.

Mimi Lenox said...

Gracie - I had a great visit. Peaceful.

Patti - I need to get over there and look at your photographs.

Akelamalu - It was lovely, yes.

Bond - I'll try my best to 'splain what a blog is...Oh never mind.

Lee - The temperature was 72 today!

Bee - Yes, they can be. And were today (but in a good way)

Julie - I won't tell her if you don't.

Barbara - I take pictures of EVERYthing. It's a disease.

Travis - Awww.....glad to hear it.

Odat said...

Beutiful pics, beutiful words. I was there!
"What's a blog?"....precious.


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