Sunday, November 4, 2007

Frank and The Flags ~ Update!

The Country Gallery is up. Click here to find your country or origin.

Our friend from Canada, Frank Sirianni, who authors the blog Foxxfyrre's Honk 'n Hollr, sent the following email this weekend. I am so appreciative of his hard work and thoughtfulness. You may recall that during the first Dona Nobis Pacem he and I were collaborating on the Picasa gallery, which he initially built. Frank was in a Canadian snowstorm that night, trying to help me download all the globes and sent a very special peace globe of his first grandchild's ultrasound picture on a globe! Her name is Lily and she was born in March, 2007. I like to think of Lily as a little "peace Lily" if you will, as she was a special part of the story as it unfolded that night.
Now Frank is working on the international aspect of Peace Globes and has created a special gallery. Read what he wrote:

Hi Mimi,

I've got a little surprise for you. I have downloaded every flag from every country that you have listed on your blog that has flown a peace globe. I'm also gathering all American State flags and Canadian Provincial flags. I've included and example of the new 'country globe' in this email. I should have all globes completed before Nov 7, and will add them to a new gallery in Picasa. I will have them all sized for placing in sidebars of blogs. If anyone would like to place one in their sidebar as well they are more than welcome to copy it from my gallery. I will have all Country, State, and Province flags ready and in gallery on the 6th.

I'm not sure if you recognize the monument that I've put on the Peace Globe. It is the International Peace Arch that lies directly on the Canadian/American border between Surrey British Columbia, and Blaine Washington. It is the major border crossing for Seattle and Vancouver.

There are three inscriptions on the monument. On the Canadian side it says: Brethren dwelling together in unity. On the American Side: Children of a Common Mother

Inside the arch are two iron gates that would cross the border if closed, and inside is the inscription: "May these gates never close" I have stood under this monument many times and I've always felt a sense of pride and friendship when near the monument. This border is the longest friendly, free border in the world--and may it stay that way. I just felt that the message that this monument gives is appropriate to expand on for Dona Nobis Pacem--that's why I paraphrased the real inscription for the Peace Globe. Please let me know if you get any new countries represented and I'll make additional globes.

Take Care

Thank you, my friend. I'm sure our international peace bloggers will appreciate this!
Readers: Please scroll down. There are several updates and posts that I am adding as we go!

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Akelamalu said...

What a lovely man! :)

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