Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mims Is Missing

The Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Things
I Am Missing Right Now Meme

1. Missing a slow dance....missing a tight hug......
Snap OUT of it, Mims. That is no way to start your blog today.
Excuse me, let me rephrase and carry on.

The Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Things
I Am Missing Right Now Meme. Sigh.

1. A blog post (why do you think I made up this stupid meme?)

2. Two fingernails - A BAD BAD BAD day.
One got caught in between C# and D today and flew into the air along with my dignity and the other is anybody else's guess. Both pinkie nails. Just weird. But I hope they'll be very happy together wherever they are.

3. My magic Bleeper - which means anything and everything could come flying out of this blogpen.

Censorship ain't all it's cracked up to be.
4. An earring back from my huge white hoops.
WHY do they make large hoop earrings with itsy bitsy backs?

5. A very personal email. Where, oh where, did it go? Who did I send it to? WHY does this happen to me? Once upon a time, several years ago, I boyfriend-ranted to a close girlfriend in an guessed it.....I accidentally sent it to him. Of course we broke up.
Once you hit send it's gone!!!!! Did you know that?

He lived to tell it and eventually forgave me. Oh the humiliation.
Thank goodness this one wasn't about my lovelife. I don't have one.

But I do hope my mother doesn't read her email today.

6. Orange jello.
I made a bowl of orange jello last night. Something didn't look right. I was trying to get the last serving of my five fruits and vegetables in for the day. I boiled the water. I poured in the powder. I stirred. Yum. Smells good. I followed the directions on the box to the letter. I mean really. How can you mess up jello?
It won't gel.

I put it in the freezer. It froze around the edges. The middle is still - today - water. So I drank the orange water. Yum. I mean really. How can you mess up orange water?

Footnote: When I say "I cannot cook" I mean I cannot cook. I rest my case.
Here's an actual picture of the last cake I made. See?
That is just sad.

7. My Sarah McLachlan "Mirrorball" CD. My favorite. I loved it so much I bought two so I would have a spare in case I lost one. I know myself so well. Except I now have the cases and no music. Mirrors. Smoke. No Sarah.

8. My appendix, tonsils, and a fine assortment of missing internal organs. They said I wouldn't need all these parts anymore but I'm beginning to wonder.

I used to know how to cook.

9. I'm actually missing a blog. I used to have one more than I do now.

I must have lost it in the divorce. I got to keep my socks. He got the blog.

10. Missing air from my right tire. After a flat Sunday morning and a repair at the local grease station, I thought it was fixed. Not.
The stuff that holds the tire together is starting to leak -sort of like the stuff that holds the jello together. Maybe I should take the jello to the gas station and have them insert the vapors emitting from the rim of the tire into the bowl. It certainly couldn't hurt.
If I could ever get the jello to gel I could use it to plug up the tire.

Some kind of weird karma going on in Bloggingham.

11. More pink socks are missing from the dryer.
I recently discovered Jesus has 'em. He won't give them back.
I asked.

He said he's just trying to look out for my "sole." (He cracks me up.)

12. The cork to the Chardonnay bottle. It usually takes me a year (seriously) to drink a bottle of wine in my house.
But lately I've noticed there is a bit more missing than usual. Does wine evaporate?

Maybe I should ask Jesus.
Maybe not.

13. I am missing any understanding why President Bush today would veto the $35 million budget increase to fund low-income families health care. I may be one blog shy of a jello gell but it doesn't take a pencil skirt to figure this one out.

14. Fourteen dollars and twenty-nine cents from my bank account.
I've spent three days trying to find it. What did I buy online that costs $14.29?
It's driving me crazy.

15. And last but not least. I'm missing three bloggers from the dungeon.

If you escaped, please turn yourself in. I don't have time to find you. I'm still looking for the air in my tire.

You don't think the fingernail is in the jello.

Do you?

Do you have your peace globe?


delmer said...

I think Jesus is more likely to keep your wine bottle full. Maybe you should replace the contents with water.

(I lost a really good lawn mower in my divorce ... I feel your pain.)

Travis said...

I think you need an administrative assistant.

You couldn't do the jello? Jello?

Wait...don't tap your foot like that...I wasn't in the dungeon before! I did NOT escape! I did the memes!

You can't change your mind and put me in the dungeon for saying something about the jello. You brought it up first! I'm starting to scare myself.

crazy working mom said...

What's wrong with that cake? Looks good enough to eat in my humble opinion! :)

FoxxFyrre said...

I didn't really escape, I just thought I had day pass privilages. Didn't touch the tires Mimi, honest. ggg

Funny meme, Mimi. I think I lost my own dignity getting caught up with Bill and Ted over the weekend at the HnH. I think I might need a djinni to grant me three wishes just to get some of my lost dignity back. I'll use the other two to find your missing pinky nails ggg.


Julie said...

I will not lurk....i will at least i was here.

Cool list Mimi!

Lizza said...

Oh, you poor girl. I hope you recapture all the things you're missing.

Well, except for the internal organs. And the fingernails.

katherine. said...

a year to drink a bottle of wine?? Trust me...drink the wine instead of the orange glumpy water.

(the bleeper is missing...hmmm..wonder who could have taken the bleeper....)

Bond said...

OK, I have the email and one of the two nails.... I will exchange them for your secret recipe for never gelling Jello...I could be rich I tell you rich with a recipe like that.
The tire? I told you it would not stay inflated!

Great weekend Mimi!

kathleenmaher said...

Oh Mimi, That's a lot of trouble. The cake doesn't look so bad to me, though. Didn't some evil character in a fable (I'm losing my memory, I think) leave a poisonous green cake that tempted lost boys. I'm sure one of those lost boy fables featured a dastardly green cake that every last lost boy found too tempting to resist.
And the Jello? Did you check the expiration date? The box even looks old on your always beautiful blog.

Amazing Gracie said...

I want a magic bleeper...

Akelamalu said...

I just hate it when money goes missing from my account and I can't account for it... Grrrrr!

Patti said...

Methinks you are a perfectionist, Mimi.
It will all be OK. Maybe a nice walk in the woods today would help.

And that cake looks fine to me.

Mimi Lenox said...

Delmer - We have similar lawn mower stories. I promise I don't have yours!

Travis - I would never put you in the dungeon. You would have to do something completely unbloggable from the sphere again and then it's off with your head and into the dungeon. We have to have our daily dose of Travis, Pam & Mr. Tucker.

Crazy Mom - I'll save a slice for you. It was German chocolate icing. See what I mean? It looks like bletchhh!!

Frank - I knew you were the blogger who let the air out of my tires. Could have been Bill. Or Ted. Either way it's you.

Julie - I love it when you're lurkless.

Lizza - I really don't want the internals back. But somehow I think they MUST have done SOMEthing worthwhile!

Mo said...

Mimi, you know I loves ya, but that is the scariest cake. Ever.

Mimi Lenox said...

Katherine - Maybe wine is in order.

Bond - Give it back!

Kathleen - I forgot to look on the box. And there are no boys here in sight. Would you send a handsome prince over, please? Do you think I should feed him cake?

Mo - I know. I know.

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