Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Prayer for Now: Dona Nobis Pacem

"Flower power was the old black. Signing a Peace Globe is the new black," writes Prometheus, fellow peace blogger and newly appointed Hollering Drill Sergeant in the Peace Globe army.

From day one of the first Dona Nobis Pacem in the Blogosphere, Prometheus has been an inspiration to me on the subject of world peace. I was moved to tears by his passionate plea for sanity in our war-torn world when he reappeared in the blogosphere after a self-imposed silence in November. You can read that amazing article "Digging Tunnels With Plastic Spoons"HERE.

The above top photograph (taken by Annelisa from Words That Flow) reminds me how dark and angry our world can be - at first glance. But if you look closer you can see that the clouds are moving. There is a brilliant burst of light just beyond the horizon in the left corner. I like to think of that place as peace.

Not realized yet.
But in sight.

My blogging friend from India is never at a loss for graceful words on this subject. Please read his humorous and thought-provoking post today called Return of Peace Globes.

"The Peace Globes ain't a gifball (© Prometheus) that you sign and forget. It is a commitment to peace. Peace, that springs from within you and encompasses your world."

I can identify with his philosophy of peace, which is of internal origin, and hope that one day soon we can all watch the heavens part long enough to see it borne in the earth - and in us. But I, for one, am not content to sit and wait for such a maybe miracle.

Do we really want to leave our destinies in the hands of those who bring destruction to our world? Can we afford to wait one more minute? Is it ever right to do nothing?

Elections won't move the clouds.

Neither will our indifference. But our silence will surely pave the way for more insanity.
I will speak for myself. I will speak here.
I am tired of waiting for one day soon.
I've said it before and I'll say it again.....

We don't need a miracle.
We are one.

Look what Santa just brought...... From Sanni in Germany at Coffee2go.

Christmas Eve, 2006


nels-ed-nitro-xing lu said...

thank you, miss mimi, for keeping this impawtant subject in your bloggie for all to see!! now, more than efurr, we needs peace for all earthkind.

we wishes you a furry meowy christmas and happy, healthy new year--an' come visit us once in a while. we's lonesome, an' it's allus nice to see you!

Starrlight said...

Lovely post, Mimi =)

madd said...

Mimi..sorry I have not been by..crazy busy, new job, family visiting, holiday stuff..and just life happening..really adored this post and I admire your contant and unwavering hope for peace and the encouragement it gives us all to never give up and always always believe it is possible one person at a time..I want to wish you and yours a wonderful Happy Holiday...luv ya ..m

Bond said...


My Marrakech said...

That photo of Annalisa's is so very beautiful. And here's to peace in the New Year!

Annelisa said...

Hey Mimi! Lovely post! You are like a ladle scooping up all the inspiration and wishes for peace - a veritable tutti fruiti of all colours and tastes!!!

It's so lovely to see something of mine included in such a mix - thanks sweetie!

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