Friday, December 1, 2006

Drama anyone? (But help is on the way)

I am having a bad day.
In just a little while I'm going to forget this day happened. Some atmospheric shift in molecular structure has seriously re-vamped my reality in the last 24 plus hours. I have blogged little, slept little, fretted too much. I so need a beach - hence, the picture.

I'll hit the highlights and recoup this mess tomorrow .
Maybe at the stroke of midnight -in a few minutes- I'll turn into a pumpkin. That should reverse the karma. (But I wouldn't look good in my bathing suit. Darn!)

Ten reasons Mimi is behind with her blogging

1. My computer is sick.
I lost major data or else it is playing hide-n-seek. I'm still searching for documents, peace globes and book chapters. HELP.

2. My car is sick.
"Uhh.....excuse me, Ma'am. Is that your Corolla in garage 2? I've got good news and I've got bad news" is NOT what I wanted to hear today.

3. My students are sick.
In the last three days I've sent five to the nurse, two to the principal and this afternoon - put one in an ambulance. (No, I didn't hurt 'em.)

4. My cellphone is sick.
It asks for area codes for local calls but doesn't mind if I call the North Pole. It hasn't actually beeped, rang, vibrated or gyrated in quite some time. Not a peep. I think I'm missing calls but I can't be sure now can I??? I prefer to believe I have so many calls flooding in the circuits are too busy to handle them all. And the conversations with Santa have been quite pleasant while I wait.

5. My house is screaming "Clean Me!" I used all the Lysol to spray on mySELF to ward off sick children germs. Maybe I should try dousing my keyboard with it. Trust me; at this point it couldn't hurt.

5. My feet are screaming "I want my bubble bath!"

6. I broke my new funky reading glasses - the ones that made me look less like the zero-year- birthday-girl and more like the silly retro girl I really am. Yes, Bud, I know.... "It's just a nuuuummmbber."

7. Aforementioned drama caused me to miss my nail appointment.
This is never good.

8. I got an invitation in the mail to join the Red Hat Society.
Do you think this made me happy??!

9. I was not wearing my pencil skirt when I had to talk to the mechanic (see #2). Consequently, no money was saved and I cannot buy a hat even if I wanted to.

10. Recent events have caused me to start sleepwalking. I found my cellphone in the kitchen cabinet again this morning.

Maybe that's where the Peace Globes are.


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Ouch, that is some bad luck. Have you tried to call yourself on your cellphone? To see if it's working? Hm, perhaps take the battery out and put it back in, sometimes something that simple works.

And instead of Lysol, maybe you should try taking Airborne? It's suppose to work, and being sprayed with Lysol really isn't good. Trust me.

alphawoman said...

What a day!!! My husband sleep walks. I find weird stuff in teh cabinets all the time.Mainly stuff that belongs in the refrig.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Mimi dear, so sorry that your weekend is off to a bad start. But all is not lost! It's just the beginning. So you know what the life coaches say: break it down to manageable tasks, prioritize and tackle. And of course treat yourself to a lovely dinner with someone who makes you laugh, right after a bubble bath, that is.

Mimi Lenox said...

Silver....I won't even ask why you were sprayed with Lysol. My mother used to fumigate the house with it when we had a virus, the smell actually makes me sicker than I already am. I figure if my students know I smell so bad they won't come near me and give me their germs. Don't you love this logic??

Mimi Lenox said...

Alphawoman...Ask your husband if he's seen the Peace Globes.

Mimi Lenox said...

Maryam...Thanks for empathizing. Your remedy sounds heavenly. I'll be there by eight. As soon as I find my passport....which is apparently lost too!!!!

wolfbaby said...

That sucks hope things get better soon!!!

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