Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Birth of a Blog

Some of my favorite blogs are evolving. 
  Bloggers are talking about and evaluating the makings of an outstanding blog and how to maintain the flow of their own space. Justin (More Cowbell) has a brand new intriguing template. He'd like your opinion. Check it out.Bobby Griffin (Bestest Blog of All Time)- a guy many of us can thank for the attention we've received after winning his Bestest Blog of the Day award - has revamped his format by posting a new theme each day written by guest bloggers. I'll be a guest blogger soon as well as Julie (Flip This Body)and Morgen's kickoff feature this week with Morgen Mondays.
Technical difficulties have plagued even the great Bobby Griffin this past weekend. We all wish him well in working the kinks out. He deserves a lot of credit for attempting to maintain his par excellent weblog and teaching school each day. Not an easy task!

Gale Martin (GEM'S BLOG) contemplated recently the wisdom of posting so many pictures with her posts. Fellow blogger friends encouraged her to continue enhancing her blog with photos. She has a knack for picking just the right one to complement her strong content and wit.
The format works well for her writing style.

RHYS Postlewaight (A World of Bloggers) is due back anytime after taking a short hiatus to travel and bring back some of those awesome pictures of his. We can't wait to see them!Another great blog with fabulous visual merit is Bazza's Blog (Normal Life). A writer from United Kingdom with a wealth of literary knowledge to share and an eye for beautiful landscapes, art and words, his daily posts are intellectually stimulating and delightful. If you haven't discovered Bazza's blog you absolutely must visit! Note: Bazza's original blog has evolved into a new blog called To Discover Ice. Check it out.

So you see.....blogs are evolving and morphing into even better presentations. We're learning the visual/technical tricks of the trade as well.

I've made a list of my own strengths and weaknesses, experimenting with template changes in a separate blog just for that purpose and thinking about a new format for Mimi Writes. Trying to streamline the blog writing process in order to have time for my novel and my life without losing my mind! (I regularly fall asleep at the keyboard).
One thing I've learned from writing Dating Profile of the Day is to keep it simple. People like to know what to expect from your blog and don't want too many surprises - especially if your blog has a solo theme. Bobby Griffin mentioned having a FOCUS and how important that is to keep readers coming back. Reminds me of the magazine "Reader's Digest" They've had the same format for eons and we love knowing what to expect and can be assured we'll always be entertained.

I've found that to be true. My format for Dating Profile has basically remained the same for the last 83 posts and the site is growing, picking up new visitors daily. I may change the look but not the premise, except for adding a Scarlett Sundays feature. In the blog world, remember this: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

I'm going to heed the advice of some sage bloggers out there who've decided to stick to a daily theme instead of coming up with something unrelated to talk about each day.
Those of use who are not true "personal journals" (ie: baby pictures, family reporting, mundane ramblings just for the sake of journaling) and would like to reach a wider audience and promote our writing/art/photos might do well to find at least one focus for one day of the week and stick to it.
Lizza (I Am Woman, See Me Blog!) has done well with this with her Saturday blog, which I really enjoy. She has a talent for finding and describing good blogs. She also comments faithfully on the blogs she reads.

I've decided to add a feature to Mimi Writes in which I'll choose one day (not sure which yet) to actually go out and DO something I've never done before and then write about it. This will get me out of the blogger's seat for awhile and force me to get a fresh perspective. Something I might do would be to simply wear a ridiculous (or frilly) hat out in public one afternoon, or visit a different denominational place of worship on Sunday, or conduct an impromptu survey at the mall as people pass. The wheels are spinning. Stay tuned for Mimi Morphs!

I think it's important to list your strengths and weaknesses. I'm particularly interested in finding wisdom and humor in mundane happenings, unusual news stories, well-written websites, discovering new talents and fascinating people - and not unsung heroes necessarily - maybe just unsung everyday people.

So those are my thoughts on blogging for today. If you know of any really cool sites that offer template help, graphic designs, add-ons and would like to share, please write!

There's never a shortage of good blogs out there. I'll keep searching and evolving as I go along. Hope to see you there.


Lizza said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Mimi, and I'm glad you like Blogworld Saturday. There are so many great blogs and blog entries out there, and I think it's only fair to share them with others who might miss them otherwise.

Looking forward to Scarlett Sundays and Mimi Morphs! (and your regular postings, of course)

Anonymous said...

Mimi--Great post! I also love the half picture of your face. It's the loveliest half of a face I've ever seen. Good advice on finding focus in one's blog. I look forward to checking out the other blogs you mention in this entry. I used to do Fiction Sundays and wanted to introduce Consumer Watchdog Fridays, commenting on stupid products.

I think maybe I should revisit those emphases,that they might give my blog more focus.

Mimi morphs is a great idea! I look forward to it.

Julie said...

Hi Mimi, thanks for the shout out!

Peg said...

Mimi, you know, I feel like that is exactly what is missing from my blog--focus.

Your wise & insightful entry certainly gives me food for thought ;-) For that, I thank you!

Bazza said...

Wow, Mimi. That is so kind of you to say those lovely words about my blog! But then I can see by your half-a-face you are a kind person. I look forward to reading of your weekly non-blogging exploits.
ps: I have visited all of the other blogs you mention and agree with your comments about them.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks, Lizza! Always great to read your comments and know you've visited.

Mimi Lenox said...


Thanks! I suppose my mother will now recognize the half-face of her oldest child. He he

You know....your posts are varied but I never feel "disconnected" while reading your blog. I'm just amazed at the connections you make in your posts and subtle (and not-so-subtle) brilliant sarcasm. It's not easy keeping up with daily blogging, is it?!!

Both of us might need another visit to Starbucks or even better - Dunkin' Donuts!

P.S. I think the product review idea would be great. Sounds perfect for your style and wit.

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Julie! You're welcome. Thanks for stopping in! I look forward to reading your entries on the Bestest Blog site. Very cool!

Mimi Lenox said...

Hi Peg! Glad you enjoyed the post. I was just thinking out loud really. The wheels are still turning.....and as I said to Gale (GEM'S BLOG), I think I need more caffeine to keep up with my blog life.
What keeps me going - and writing - are comments from other bloggers like yourself. THANK YOU.

Reeholio said...

Hi Mimi,

Thanks for another mention. I did take losts of photos while I was away, but sorry, I'm going to drip feed them onto my blog ;-)

Regards, Rhys

Prometheus said...

The only thing constant on Prometheus' blog is.. Prometheus. Focus to him is all hocus pocus. He is fortunate to live in a time when morons like himself aren't prohibited from what they think is 'writing'. He likes the idea of linking though, he found Lizza through some blog and he found many great blogs, including Mimi's, through Lizza.

Prometheus will keep visiting Mimi.

Prometheus said...

PS: Mimi's half face is prettier than all four of Prometheus'. He's jealous now.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you, Prometheus. Four faces have you? Hmmm....a mystery. Mimi will check out the hocus pocus known as Prometheus and determine if he is, indeed, a man of myth (pun intended).
Thanks for visiting. Welcome anytime.

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