Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Human Side of the Playground

Bustling around the house this morning getting ready for my day, I heard a news reporter comment on the likelihood of the cease-fire agreement holding out in the Mideast, as well as a brief overview of the way the whole thing escalated. Phrases (and paraphrases) such as "who started it?" and "Does so-and-so believe Hezbollah started it or is there more to it?" and again, "who started it?" It struck me how similar - similar? no, identical - the exchange sounded to something you might hear on the school playground after a monkey bar scuffle.

 It's usually easy to spot the bullies and rescue the bullied; no need to create a he said/she said inquisition or convene a world summit instant replay. Just obvious bloody handkerchiefs and one smug bully.

Who STARTED IT??! The answer is little consolation to those who just want some peace on the playground.



Don said...

I tried to read the story of the Lebanese woman, but Reuters website will only go back approximately 24 months, meaning this story and its link have unfortunately expired.

Mimi Lenox said...

Don - "Expired" sounds so....so....final! My posts are dying!!!!

Don said...

You can cry on my shoulder if you like; I'm very absorbent when it comes to saline.

Next time, I recommend you find a newspaper that published the Reuters article as part of their daily copy. Newspapers tend to keep archives longer - the New York Times is searchable all the way back to the first issue, I think, though they do charge when going that far (or they used to).

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