Sunday, January 1, 2017

Crossing The Road

It's New Year's Day 2017 in the castle of Bloggingham. Homer (the palace dog) is up and at 'em chasing the neighborhood beauties 'round and around the trees - or maybe that was a squirrel - I don't have my glasses on . 😄

He's getting up in dog years and the chasing is more of a limped trot but let's face it, at least he's still on the prowl for love and affection. Or perhaps he just wants his acorns back.

I can't tell you how many times this past year I've had the exhausting privilege of running round and around the same tree. After a while Your Royal Highness becomes Your Royal Dizziness and it's time to hide myself under a branch and rest awhile.
Who could run in these boots anyway??

Bloggingham is full of places to hide and a hyperbole approaching gazillion million trees.
They are my refuge and I love them. I know them.
They know me.

When the world goes as wonky as it did in 2016, it's good to know I have a place to be.
Just be.

Me and tall tall oaks with imaginary internet dogs that never need feeding and the silence of solitude that one only finds under long tree branches. My imagination does not fall far from the know....

2016 went with a flash at the stroke of midnight last night. And I am glad it's gone.

There were blessings inside of lessons.
Did you get that?

For me it was a year that began with love and ended with leavings, began with capturing sorely needed insight and ended with greater insight - but not a trace of bitterness or regret. Just peace. The whole year was like that from start to finish. Slow beginnings and quick endings seemed to be the norm for me in the land of midlife dating. No destination has to be - or should be - an ending. Instead of wondering if this one or that one might be my one and only, I stopped looking for that altogether; I chose instead to plant my boots where the door opened and step through of my own choosing, turn around and go back out again of my own choosing or wave bye-bye from under a tree branch when it wasn't my choice. I realized that all directions are fine whether you choose them or not. 
It was freeing.

 The old joke says that the chicken wants to cross the road to get to the other side, right? Wrong.
Sometimes you need to cross the road just to cross the road.

Own your life. Walk where you need to walk. 
Fall down in boots and hide under leaves if you must.
 But for Heaven's sake, just walk. 

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Mark In Mayenne said...

Happy new year Mims from the other side of the.....pond

Mimi Lenox said...

Happy New Year Mark!
I hope things are good in your world.

Gemma Wiseman said...

Love your writing Mimi.
'No destination has to be - or should be - an ending.'
The very happiest New Year to you.

bazza said...

Hi Mimi. All the best to you for 2017.
This is such a tantalising post - we have to fill in the gaps re what's not been said! Still, you seem to be in a good place now.
CLICK HERE for Bazza’s fabuous Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you, Gemma dear.
I'm glad you've walked with us through the blogworld all these years. You bring great insight from Australia. I love your spirit.

Mimi Lenox said...

Bazza - I am in a good place. And if your interest is piqued to fill in the gaps, then I've done my usual style of writing. LOL

Happy New Year!

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