Saturday, January 23, 2016

Stuck In The Snow With You

In memory of Glenn Frey (1948-2016)  Saturday 9 meme. Play here! 

1) In this song (The One You Love, 1982) Glenn explores one of the great romantic conundrums. This week, Saturday 9 is confronting it, too. If you had to choose, would you prefer to be loved, or to be in love? 

The perfect storm is both. So I'll go with both ... at the same time. Sorry. I can't choose.

2) The song describes an awkward moment: an old boyfriend calls when a woman is on a date with someone new. To whom did you last say, "I can't talk now?" 

 Not in the sense implied here, but I said that to my mother on Thursday LOL. It had nothing to do with boyfriend(s) but I'll tell the tale anyway. I am trying to prep for the "historic" ice storm (ho humm) wandering around with a million shoppers trying to find water and bread. She kept calling to remind me to get home and be safe.  Here's a snippet of our eternal conversation.
"You really should get off the roads now."
"I'm not on the roads. I'm in WalMart."
"What are you doing?"
"I'm shopping."
"What do you need?"
"What if your power goes out?"
"I'll build a fire."
"Do you have wood?"
"Do you know the fireplace safety rules?"
"How am I supposed to get off the roads if you keep calling me in the store??!!"
My driveway. It's worse now.

3) The lyrics talk about heart vs head. When you find yourself in that predicament, which usually wins -- heart or head? 
Heart. Always. That's a to speak.

4) This song was from Glenn Frey's solo album, No Fun Aloud. What fun stuff are you looking forward to this weekend? 

I'm cleaning out my blog posts and all things Internet. Drinking coffee. Yesterday I organized two out of three bathrooms from top to bottom. Oh, you didn't ask that... Every day is fun in the Palace of Bloggingham. Just ask Homer.

My actual car the day I bought it. I miss that new car smell...

5) Glenn Frey was born in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit. The Motor City is known for car manufacturing. Is your car domestic or foreign?

My car is a royal carriage. Look it up.

6) The popular 1990s sitcom Home Improvement was set in Royal Oak. Are you handy around the house?  

Only when I break things....It's a curse.

7) Glenn Frey co-founded The Eagles in 1970. What's your favorite Eagles song? 


8) The Eagles helped define "California Rock," but in recent years Glenn and his wife lived in Tribeca. Have you ever been to New York? If so, did you like it? 

Yes. I love New York and all the beautiful sights you can see and especially the energy in the city. I do not love New York traffic however. They don't like me either. The last time I was in New York I had a nice little conversation with a tollbooth operator in the Holland Tunnel just after she took my $15.00 to drive 8,558 feet.  "How do I get to this exit?" I asked (**imagine a million honks and curses behind me**) "You're in the WRONG lane, ma'am. Cross four over to the right and stay on the wall." 
"In the dark??!! NOW???!!"

I just blew my horn and took my chances. Somehow we all survived.

9) Glenn wrote "Smuggler's Blues" and "You Belong to the City" for the iconic 1980s TV show, Miami Vice. What else comes to mind when you think of the 80s?

Teased hair. It was not pretty. Trust me.
TV shows would be The Cosby Show which now makes me sad to even think about. Seriously sad.
 The Dukes of Hazzard was my son's favorite show as a kid. I saw many many episodes while he sat in the living room eating mac 'n cheese and SpaghettiOs on his little blue Smurf tray. (I hope he's not reading this today...)I have a pic of him sitting on the hood of a replica Dukes car at the beach when he was about four.  He loved that car! A happy boy.

Knight Rider... because I was a little in love with David Hasselhoff. Alas, it was not reciprocated. See question #1

Hey Homer!
Let's watch reruns of Mork and Mindy today!

Be safe today. 
If you're stuck in the snowstorm/blizzard somewhere I hope you are safe and warm!

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Stacey Schneller said...

Great answers. I hope you have a safe weekend. Have a good day.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thanks for visiting, Stacey! Have a great Saturday.

Kwizgiver said...

I'm too far north in Maine to get the storm. For once, a whopper of a storm missed us!

Mimi Lenox said...

Kwiz - Maybe you'll get to keep your spring break. Not us, probably....

CountryDew said...

We have the snow, just over a foot. Enjoyed your answers. Desperado is a great song.

The Gal Herself said...

"You better let somebody love you before it's tooooooooo late ..." Yes, Desperado is a good choice.

I can't even look at Bill Cosby's face anymore. First I thought Woody Allen was as bad as it could get (and I used to love Woody Allen). Ha!

Stay warm. Stay dry.

Zippi Kit said...

Good, you are home and off the roads. Your mother would be pleased. lol

I loved "Desperado", too

Mimi Lenox said...

Country Dew - Thanks. A foot of snow is a lot of snow. Be safe. I hope you got your milk and bread....

Mimi Lenox said...

Gal - Great song. Great advice.
I know. Cosby makes me sick to my stomach. It's all so disturbing.
I hope you are feeling better tonight. Stay warm.

Mimi Lenox said...

Zippi - The less I tell my mother, the better. She worries way too much. But I love her for worrying too.

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