Sunday, November 29, 2015

This Is Homer The Palace Dog Reporting The Queen's Non-Birthday. Again.

Why, thanks Homer my sweet. You are too kind. I'll take over now.
Somewhere in the eons of milliseconds that make up moments that make up minutes that make up hours that make up days that make up weeks that make up months that make up yeeeeaaaarrrrssss...I seem to have accumulated scores and scores of milliseconds, in the four score and seven years kind of way. Wait! That's not right.
Four score and seven years is.... 

Thanks Homer! I really needed that today. I'll have you know I never even knew Abe Lincoln and further more...

You are supposed to be nice to me on my birthday. I am your Queen ya know. You've had a royal upbringing and were taught royal etiquette. It is not appropriate to point out a lady's age, number of crows-feet, shoe size, hair color or 19th century shenanigans with super hot presidents. Let's try this again.

That's better. And I thank you very much. You are such a loyal Palace Dog and furthermore...

Did you roll your eyes at me?

As I was saying..
It seems to me that I shouldn't be this old yet. I am still wet behind the ears so-to-speak with lots of life to live. I'm barely halfway through! *cough couch*  Whew! I squeaked by another twelve months without causing an international incident (well, there was peace globes day...) or tooooo much mindless and endless dating, or tripping over myself or mopping up floods in the dungeon, or flipping cars even! All in all it was a very good year.  
I didn't even break a nail.
Michelle sent a beautiful cake today with a peace globe on it. The fact that Papa's marble graced my birthday cake made it all the more special to me. See, Homer? SOMEBODY remembered my birthday without having to be reminded of it.

Homer? Homer??! Are you LISTENING to me?

 And there was Alison of famous Peace Rocks who made a rock just for me. 
Musician Bobby Pizazz sang a song to me here and all kinds of loveliness abounds in the land of Facebook today. My phone is ringing with delicious conversation lately and text messages are full of good vibes from family and friends. It was a good way to wake up in my older skin today (oh, boo hoo!) but that's why God made face cream.  My mother has baked something scrumptious for me today with a "surprise" package waiting at her house. I wonder what it is... Probably eye shadow or lipstick or pout plumper! We are two-peas-in-a-prissy-pod let me tell ya.  My son called and sang the Happy song to me and we laughed until we cried (he IS a good singer but this morning was a little froggy lol). 
I'm having an excellent non-birthday I must say.
I appreciate each and every one of you and know how blessed I am to have such good people in my life. Thank you.
Peace Rocks by Alison



Oh, the silent treatment.
I so hate it when he does that.

That's OK, my little munchkin dog. I know how to take a hint. I won't be sharing any of that calorie-less cake with you either. You'll be getting your usual fare of lard and molasses with crusty bread in the cold cold dungeon. Enjoy!
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Shannon W. said...

Happy Birthday Mimi!!!!

meowmeowmans said...

So cute! Happy birthday, Mimi. We hope you're having a super spectacular day. :)

Travis Cody said...

Happy birthday my dear!

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you so much, my friends.

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