Sunday, October 26, 2014

This Is Why I Blog For Peace


Peace time is upon us.
It is a time when we 
turn our thoughts to the possibility of ending the madness of war, the suffering of people and the crippling of nations and populations. While it is a time to reflect on the world at large and the challenges that face us, it is also a time to look inward, finding those crevices that allow harm and damage our souls, permeating our minds with negativity and weakness. We weren't made for such thoughts. Man was created for richer things, purer things and powerful possibilities. Can we bring tangible peace to a world in turmoil with our thoughts and intentions? With our words?
Perhaps not in a day.
 But in the culmination of such days and on a continuum of positive change and forward movement, in the process of  powerful and honest conversations across the tables of war that haunt our planet, we can bring about the hope of such a day.

  The desire for freedom and to live at peace with our brothers on this globe we call Earth, must become a spoken word - because in the realm of unspoken intent, peace dies.  It cannot abide in the hearts of men forever locked away with keys of fear and pride. It must be talked about courageously and spoken of with reverence. Freedom. Peace. Prosperity. Purity. Hope. Goodness. Kindness. Love. Men who possess these traits are the most courageous men of all.  

 We see it in abundance in our world, but we place a greater premium on the pursuit of power. This must stop. Not just on the grand stages of war, but behind the doors of our homes. You know that place. It is the place where parents love children, where the young minister to the old, the temporarily weak rely on the generosity of the strong and where sacrifices become tethered and unbreakable bonds of unconditional love.
 Because that's what love does.
And that is who we are.

 In a world where people serve one another without expectation of reward or self-promotion, we can live in peace. In a world where the touch of a stranger's hand in the middle of a storm becomes a well of gratitude in someone's soul, we can live in peace.  It is the reassuring warmth of other humans in times of great difficulty that cause men to experience a glimmer of grace. When men no longer feel like strangers in a divided world, but one whole of humanity, we can live in peace.

Nov 4th is a day to illuminate the part of you that reaches out to other people when you feel there is no reaching left. Even when people don't reach back - still reach. It only takes one touch to heal your world. And it only takes a world of people willing to touch to heal the whole world.
Are you ready?
I am.
Blog that peace, People. Say it from a heart of courageous and worthy intention. Work it in your families. Walk it behind closed doors. Then take it out the front door to the world and be a light that knows no darkness.
Our theme is "Words in the hands of love."
You've got this.

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

An inspiring rallying cry, Mimi - we'll rock this year like never before!

Travis Cody said...

Getting in the rhythm are we? Me too.


Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - We will! We will! Thank you for being here. You ALWAYS inspire me.

Mimi Lenox said...


Anonymous said...

Mimi, a sweater for the peace blogger in Antarctica, eh? I saw what you wrote on Trav's page! It's a small world after all . . .

Anonymous said...

Oops, wanted to add smiley faces to my previous comment. You comment on Trav's page made me smile. 😊😄😃

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