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30 Days Until BlogBlast For Peace (Blog4Peace) ~ Join In

BlogBlast For Peace is Nov 4, 2014. Thirty days from today you will see little blue peace globes flying across the blogosphere. Writers and bloggers from most every nation will write in a similar vein, renewing a commitment to speak peace, love peace, be peace, honor peace. Our planet needs people like that. And its people need peace. 
 It's time to announce this year's theme. 
It's called Words In the Hands of Love

Let me explain. The motto for BlogBlast for Peace has always been, "If words are powerful..then this matters." Peace bloggers who write on Nov 4 and then visit other peace bloggers around the world to read what they've written know what that means. Sharing our words has been the core of this project since the beginning. The stories, pictures, peace globes, videos, art work...all play a part in a much bigger role. They are a virtual handshake that inevitably blossoms into lasting friendships across miles of land and sea; some posts you never forget and the people who write them and blog for peace are very special people. We bind our thoughts together with the same post title each year - "Dona nobis pacem" (Grant us Peace) like a prayer of affirmation for the planet, all in unison, and all in. We are peace bloggers. We know what the days leading up to Nov 4th means. Our view of the world is quite different in the Fall and that feeling of commitment to peace resonates in our writing and contributions. 
We are famous for writing powerful words in this movement
Just visit the official blog and see for yourself.

 My question this year is this - What will we do with them in our hands? Will they maintain their power when we attempt to act in peace? Words in the hands of love. What does that look like? We have to add love to our words or none of it means a thing.  We have to add love to our walk or we all stumble in darkness. Adding love to your words means to step off the blog page, the Facebook timeline, the Twitter feed, the webpage, and prove your words carry weight in your personal life. In your family. In your community. 
In your world. 
And to your own destiny. 
By peace blogger Cate in New Zealand

Do you know how to create peace in your everyday world?
You can begin by creating a peace globe. Find one here. Make it your very own and then post it Nov. 4 along with all of us.
So this year's launch is dedicated to those peace bloggers who strive to turn peace blogging into peace living. Those like Goodnight Gram ....who just last year baked these peace cookies to distribute in her neighborhood and school on BlogBlast For Peace day. She called them "Peace Treaties." How brilliant is that? Then she made peace scarves and matching jewelry with her granddaughter who now has a impressionable memory of making peace with her grandmother. Tangible and real. Off the blog page and walking it out. THAT is the goal here. SHE is a peace blogger in action. Those are not just cookies. 
Those are words in the hands of love.

I could give you tons of examples of 

peace bloggers doing similar things.
There are thousands of us in the world today. We come from six continents and 202 countries and territories.  Every post, status update, tweet, and peace globe is different. But the message is the same.
Dona nobis pacem ~ Grant us peace

So begin by writing. And allow those words to flow from your heart into the universe. Let's make a powerful noise. Continue the tiny revolution we've started. Join in the sobering sound of people all over the world making peace. 

 Remember this: You can't unsay words. They either bring life or death to the soul. They prophesy peace or proliferate unrest. Words carry energy and intent into the world. Your words will burden you or bless you. Choose them with careful deliberation before they ever leave your lips. Shalom.
Now go and do. 

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4
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Michelle said...



rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

Looking forward to November 4th.
And every moment of Peace.

Travis Cody said...

Fascinating. I'm not sure how you do it, but this theme is on point with where my thoughts are as we approach Blog Blast.

Mimi Lenox said...

Oh, what a year what a year what a year. Anytime I started breaking out in threes like that, the muse is just around the corner.

Personal peace blogging is so in my heart right now.

Anonymous said...

My granddaughter asked for the cookies again this year. She didn't remember the exact date of the BlogBlast, but something inside her knew it was approaching. I love that she noticed that little "Peace Treaties" voice inside her.

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