Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lemon Pepper Dosey-Do Chicken. I May Be a Real Cookery Now.

My recipe for Lemon Pepper Dosey-Do Chicken has made it to the Health section of You longtime bloggers know that the Virgin Mary Herself must have been involved in the invoking of this miracle. Mimi? In a cooking article? 
Here's how it went down: One day in my desperate attempt to bring about some semblance of recognizable food for myself in the newly acquired exciting status of Type 2 Diabetes, I fumbled around with a few chicken breasts. All breasts being equal, I added a magic dancing ingredient to the list of haphazard things I was throwing into the mixtures and voila (!) The Queen's Dosey-Do Lemon Pepper Chicken was hatched.  My friend, peace blogger and cook extraordinaire, Janice D'Agostino (who is a reaaaallll cook) asked for the recipe and featured it on her blog. I had to measure out in backwards time the things I threw in the pot. Now she insists that I am a "cookery".... Me? 
The moral of this story is...If you see a bunch of dancing dipping and tripping chicken breasts falling all over the Intrawebs, they might belong to me.
I never said I was a serious cook.

See more of Janice's peaceful cooking ways on her fabulous blogs, The CC Palate, The Peaceful Palate and Mindful Palate where she is known as The SpoonMage. You can be listed as a cooking contributor too! I am listed as "The Queen." Janice's Calorie-Count blog on Enjoy the delicious and nutritious recipes there.

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PattiV said...

Mimi, as someone who had read many posts concerning your culinary skills and kitchen adventures back in the day I am speechless!


But I must say congratulations on being featured!

I like the greens and strawberries combo. So healthy!

Mimi Lenox said...

Princess Patti - I have made some memorable kitchen blunders in my day. So glad I met you in a restaurant with a real chef at our disposal!!

Thank you. I am kinda speechless too...

PattiV said...


Chefs are good, except when they are great!

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