Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Mimisms ~ It Only Works In The South

This chandelier is made of empty milk bottles!
Have you ever tried to solve the world's problems over a cup of coffee and a stiff shot of banana-caramel pudding?
 It only works in the South.

 It was Friday afternoon. She was bone tired. I was bone tired. Makeup gone, hair de-fluffed and wearing ugly shoes. Who cared? We certainly didn't.
 "Let's go for coffee after work!"  
Off to the quaint little restaurant on the corner of our very predictable day-to-day neighborhood to figure out...well.... which dessert we're going to eat among other monumental decisions.

So, for three hours after work my friend and I sat pondering what to do with our lives. The whens. The hows. The whys. The why nots. 
Until it became abundantly clear to both of us that time will not stand still while we make up our minds. We're peering off the edge of a pier. Both at the jumping-off point. Ready for chapter two. Preparing to plunge. And knowing that no amount of hoping for the best is going to change the situation we're in.


 So we ate chocolate
and pasta
and even turkey and roast beef...until...
"What are you going to have," she asked, "the cheesecake (we could split) or the banana sinfulness?"
"I am splitting nothing with you!" I said. "It's banana pudding for me!"
She laughed and ordered something so decadent I can't even pronounce it. Then with a somber face she said...

  "I can't take it anymore, Mimi."

"Neither can I," said the greedy dessert girl.

And that was that.

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Red Shoes said...

Hey you...

I had essentially the same conversation with a colleague Friday...

Wow... must be something in the water..


Mimi Lenox said...

Shoes - For sure. Something in the water. LOL

Mark In Mayenne said...

Good luck with changes!

speedyrabbit said...

You'll figure it out ,but sounds like a splendid afternoon,xx Speedy

Mimi Lenox said...

Mark - Good changes. Lots of details.

Speedy - It WAS a splendid afternoon!
We talked 'til we couldn't breathe! (oh, maybe that was the dessert...)

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