Sunday, June 16, 2013

Running The Bases With Daddy

I wish tonight that he would visit me. But I know such occurrences are rare. I also know that I stand in a place in my life in the midst of some letting go, and I need to hear him tell me to keep running. "Go on past first, round hard by second and fly touch your feet on third, Girl. Run! But don't let your foot off that base."  That's what he'd say.

So, I'd run. And he would signal me to stop on third you see. "Hold it, there." And I always prayed nobody would knock me down getting to homeplate (that could be dangerous for a bony girl) because I knew he was gonna tell me to run.
And I'd better be paying attention.

I took this shot outside his Hospice room on the night before he died.  I can't look at it without thinking of ballfields and moonlight or dust on his oily black glove. I just wanted him free.
And that sky seemed to call him home.

Somewhere tonight...he is running the bases. My daddy. I know it.
I miss him so much. But I remember this day in 2009 when he saw to it, in the most remarkable of ways, that I was OK.  And then he visited my sister and gave her the same gift of assurance, wearing a bright yellow shirt and turning my pain into waves of peace in the window pane where there had only been tears. Somewhere between here and there. Somewhere.
Window Pains and Rain

There is a place between two worlds I've heard of.
Some say it is Holy.

Goodnight Daddy.


speedyrabbit said...


Mimi Lenox said...

Received and appreciated. Have a great Sunday.

Red Shoes said...

Hey you... good morning. I bet he IS running those bases and remembering how he had told you in the past to run them... Dad's do things like that!



bazza said...

Hi Mimi. That's very poignant post. It's Father's Day in the UK today and I was thinking of my Dad too. On the positive side my daughter bought me a luxury bag full of beer!
Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’ is back. Click here for thrills!

Akelamalu said...

I know that our Daddies are watching us Mimi and they are at peace. xx

Travis Cody said...

Well, I think before he runs those bases he'll have to capture his shoe laces from Mr Tucker. But then he'll run and run and run...and Mr Tucker will do the silly dance after flies in the dugout.

Peace, my dear.

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