Sunday, December 9, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ Dear Santa....

In this season of coupon sales and soup kitchen lines, I would just like to say that Christmas ain't what it used to be.
And that's a good thing.

You see....I know scores of people who are worried about their finances, stingy with their pocketbooks and skimping on the Christmas holiday presents to save money.
I hear many people say "times are hard right now" and wish they had more money, lots of ticket price watchers trying to get to Grandmas across the country for the big day, and many wide-eyed children who tag along with the flow who might sense a bit of household anxiety underneath the mistletoe this year....but I don't see a single one of them discouraged about Christmas.

There is still a desire to give. There is a resurgence of resourcefulness and frugality. There is compassion for those without a job. And ragtag Angel Tree Foundations being born in the workplace around the water cooler. Office party gifts are being downsized to "bring an ornament" to exchange this year instead of more expensive things. And food. Let's have a gathering because we want to be together. Fru-fru doesn't matter. There are Secret Santas all over the country. Couples still love mistletoe and nobody cares if grandma's turkey isn't 24 pounds as long as there's her special dressing and gravy. The kids will sit at the kids' table and the adults will play cards at the big table after dessert. That's how it should be.

 The mailman still wears a crazy red hat and I hear the ring-ring of Salvation bells at the corner store like always. There are twinkles in the eyes of babies who sit safely in the arms of their parents and look around for sparkles on trees that make them giggle and glow with happiness.  And stockings hung by the chimney as if. 

 I see Christmas parades and corny floats on tiny city streets in the middle of the middle of nowhere America. No one needed to bring a gift. They just wanted to bring Christmas to their town.

And there's a knowing, even the children know it, that what's important is who is sitting with you under the tree and not what's in the box.

Dear Santa....We thank you for your gifts, but Christmas is already here.

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The Gal Herself said...

I believe you're right about giving being "up" this year. I haven't seen any stats, but I have powerful anecdotal evidence. The grocery store has a giving tree for the local children's home and when I stopped by this evening, ALL the ornaments were gone. Every single child in need had been "adopted," each of them is going to get a gift from Santa. How cool is that?

Travis Cody said...

Lovely sentiments, my dear.

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