Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where Do You Park Your Angels?

I went jaunting about this weekend to one of my favorite antique houses in the world. It holds treasures and memories for me, and of course, my beloved Closet of Hats...where all things magical happen. Something about its walls beg me to tell a story. Walk with me through a few chambers of timeless simple beauty. My camera was not in perfect form. Please forgive. Each visit reveals something new I missed the last time I visited. I'll narrate while we shop... if you don't mind.

Do you see that antique head mannequin? She looks like my mother and I Love Lucy all at the same time. I want to let her out of the caged cabinet. She's been asleep way too long.
If you look closely behind the three plates, you will see big painted polka dots on the wall.
What house is complete without polka dotted walls?

On the rich green dresser sits an iridescent depression glass sugar and creamer set.

Jealous love between upside down wine glasses...or are those handbells? 

Antique porcelain gold-plated powder boxes.
 Every pencil skirt needs one of those.

I want my tree to look like this.

Halos and glass wings in a bowl. Isn't that where you park your angels?

I have decided to purchase the green stained glass window in the Closet of Hats. I always considered it part of  the magic room at the top of the stairs you never occurred me until just this moment that perhaps I could recreate it in Bloggingham. Why not?
Below: There's a painting to the right on the far wall. See the dark-haired little girl wearing a white hat? I'll bet she once lived in the closet of hats when it was just a closet and not a closet on a blog. She always catches my eye with a knowing nod. I'm going to leave her be. I think she should continue to live in the spooky old house. In fact, she is spooking me out right now. Moving along...

I keep looking and looking and looking at the chandelier. It's missing a couple of pieces.
Too fancy? Maybe. Maybe not.

Simple etched depression glass and colorful Christmas balls.  My long-ago ex-mother-in-law used this effect all over her house at Christmas. She still does!

I see a plastic Frosty The Snowman yard ornament and a wooden rocking horse in the forefront.
A white artificial Christmas tree from the 50s and a beautiful old white cupboard with green handles. My favorites in this upstairs room are the boxes of vintage glass ornaments tucked away everywhere.

Beautiful turquoise blue Fenton hobnail glass vase . Early to mid 20th century

(See that oval window to the left? That's the Closet of Hats)
where something once possessed me to unpossess myself
and try on a fortune of hats

I believe in the audacity of checkered floors.

and stripes...
 Where else would you hang a hat?

Photography Mimi Lenox. Like something you see? Write me and I'll put you in touch with the owners.
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Mark In Mayenne said...

Looks like a great shop! And a story lies behind everything in it.

Charles Gramlich said...

Such lovely and delicate things. I'd be afraid I'd break them all.

Akelamalu said...

ooooooh a veritable treasure trove! I so want to visit that place.

Travis Cody said...

That is your kind of place.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I was walking next to you the whole time

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