Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Week From Today We Blog4Peace ~ What I Need

 Somewhere on Australia's shore in a the wee waking hours before Bloggingham arises next Sunday morning, peace blogging will have begun in the world. The Fiji Islands will wake up, New Zealand will sound a peaceful bell and we will welcome a new peace blogger from the nation of Kiribati. I continue to watch and wonder.  As sure as I am that the dawning of peace globes will come, there is work to be on the inside of me in the next seven days before I can call myself a peace blogger. I don't need to make another promotional video. I don't need to count Facebook fans or post on endless forums,  I don't need to promote anything beyond what I have done; for as it stands this morning, there are thousands of people in  152+ countries signed on for BlogBlast For Peace. I don't need to do anything at this point but watch it happen.  But there is one thing I do need.

 I need to walk my woods before I walk through the world
I need to carry my pen and listen to that voice in my heart that always shows up this time of year. 
I need to chase changing leaves and catch the words that fall on the page.
I need to listen. 
I need to think.
 I need to trust and wait. 

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

Beautiful, Mimi, as always. The blogblast is growing exponentially every year - YAY! - looking forward to it.

Mimi Lenox said...

Me too!!

Travis Cody said...

Ditto. Not the walking in the woods thing, but the listening to the Peace Muse. She has been remarkably coy this year.

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