Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ A Dream in The Year of The Dragon 2012

 It's been a strange week in the kingdom of Bloggingham. Highs and lows and emotional highways galore! Good thing I have my trusty friends to help smooth the pavement and lift me over the bumps.

Last night I had the strangest dream. (Do I hear John Denver singing?)  Coupled with the fact that today is the Chinese New Year 2012 and the most important traditional celebration in Chinese culture, it's downright spooky. According to my research (which I did AFTER the dream - that's important) the dragon is a symbol of good fortune and intense power, ushering in a new day of prophetic significance. The Dragon carries a pearl in hand, symbolizing supernatural powers. All over the world today people are celebrating what is considered the luckiest year in the Chinese zodiac.  And for those acquainted with astrological similarities, this year is to be a Water Year, associated with the Earthy Branch symbol increasingly flowing with unpredictable events. Since water is a symbol of life, I'll take that to be a good sign.

But I'm not so sure last night was a good sign in the Kingdom of Bloggingham. At least I wasn't at first. I was stressed out tired and fell into a deep sleep. It was strange you see...very very strange. Not long before I awoke this morning, I met someone. Someone awesome! She was the last framed page in a fast forward dream that came quickly and mightily through my brain at the break of dawn.

Let me explain.

I've been known to experience waking dreams, prophetic dreams, lucid dreams, in-color dreams and am a notorious sleepwalker. Strange dreams are not unusual for me. But this night it began in black and white. I was having a conversation with my son. He was in a little boy's body wearing his Little League uniform and spoke in his now grown-up voice. We talked about the year he was thirteen, a troubling transformational year it was for him, and in that discussion he explained to me - in his now clear-sighted way - what was going through his mind at that time and how he dealt with it. He told me things I tried to understand for years and never knew.
Now I know.

Then suddenly I was in another place in time. Scenes in color began to play out, one at a time, faster and faster they went. Many many pages turning forward like watching a storyboard come to life....   except they weren't stories at all - they were people I knew mixed with people I didn't know. And yet, somehow, I knew them and knew they were or would be part of my life. Baby Boy and his little brother were there - all grown up - and growing older with each turn of the page. I remember thinking, "This must be one of those your-life-flashes-before-you moments in reverse because I'm watching my whole future play out before me instead. Does this mean I'm not going to wake up?" There were gatherings, hugs, happiness. Crowds of laughing joyful events and monumental occasions. Graduations, weddings, memorials and parties. I was there.

 The pages turned like watching a movie and I experienced my life flash forward. I knew I was dreaming and I knew I was watching. And I knew it was rare.  So I paid great attention -  not so much to who all the people were or trying to identify them all, but wanting more to participate in the emotional aspects of each page, enjoying the natural progression of change and time and movement. It seemed that all of the important things to me were included.

On the last page of the book I could see a young woman of about 25-30 years of age. She had a warm spirit about her and she was telling a story with great animation, talking with her hands and laughing. She had long auburn hair with more redness than mine, dancing eyes, a beauty mark like my mother's on her right cheek and eyes like my new baby grandson's mother. She bore my son's olive complexion and a wrinkle in her nose. That wrinkle. That wrinkle.
It was mine.

I knew the answer to the question instantly but I asked anyway. "Who is she?"
"She's your granddaughter," came the answer.

The frames stopped, the story ended and I awoke.

I don't know what the Year of The Dragon means for me or if it means anything at all... but I hope I never forget her face. Because one day I will meet her.

And more than anything in the world I want to hear that story. Don't you?

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*photography Mimi Lenox*


Michelle said...

Oh Mimi... wow

I can't wait for you to meet her too. :-)

I have no doubt in the reality of her.

Mark In Mayenne said...

I'm looking forward to the story unfolding in real time

Akelamalu said...

Oh what a wonderful dream! I hope I'm around when it comes true and you meet your granddaughter in real time. x

Travis Cody said...


Mimi Lenox said...

I still see her in my dream's eye. I haven't forgotten.

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