Sunday, October 30, 2011

Reason #9 To Blog4Peace ~ YOU

The number of peace bloggers we have is not as important as the substance of what we are saying. That is immeasurable.

Remember Debra James Percival? She's the Canadian artist who first blogged peace with her children at sunrise on the shores of Prince Edward Island. She woke them up early, her teenagers, and took them to Brackley Beach where they did this.
With her copper creations they planted peace in the sand and forever seeded a place in our hearts across the world. I will never forget them, or her. The next year in 2009 she developed a Copper Peace Dove and called it My Copper Spirit of Peace.  Her work is a strong and beautiful statement. And as you can see from the 2011 peace globe above that she just submitted, the dove is still flying.

click above pic to walk through Debra's day dawn to dusk as she captured it in different lights
As long as there are people like Debra who teach their children to keep the hope alive, 
there will always be hope.

There are many peace bloggers just like Debra James Percival. All you have to do is visit the gallery to see that. You all have a unique story to tell, a splash of soul from your corner of my world and hearts that give and give and give for the greater good.
I am honored to know you.
Reason #9 to Blog4Peace
I blog for peace for all the peace bloggers near and far. You are a wild and beautiful bunch.

#blog4peace #blogblast4peace

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