Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Mimisms ~ The Foggy Version

I used to date a guy who loved to use the word FOG. It wasn't hard to understand if you were around us very long. As soon as he walked in the door or vice versa, we were in a "fog"....The Pheromone Fog, as it were. We could stay in the fog for hours! I liked it in the fog. It was nice. And well....foggy.

Then the fog lifted and we moved on.

 He calls periodically to tell me about fog with his new girlfriend(s). I have to laugh. 
Apparently his fog moves from woman to woman.
But it is nice we have remained good friends. He knows me well.

There was something organic about that fog.
A few months ago he called precisely at the moment I was going through a very rough emotional patch with someone close to me. "How are ya? Had you on my mind. Thought I'd check."

Uh huh.

And then a while back I had a vibe and the urge to write him an email.  
"Just thinking of you today. Are you OK? How have you been?"

He replied almost immediately,  "As usual, your intuition is right on the mark.. My mother died suddenly of an aneurysm this morning."

Ah. Fog.

My drive through the city last week reminded me of him and that romantic weather of ours. I never quite had that with another soul. Nor the hours of simply sitting and listening to music by a fire or on a blanket outside, singing harmonies to rock 'n roll never before heard by man and dancing without a word. There was never any distance in the reach.  Never a misunderstanding in the look.  Fog. Oh. It's a good thing.
Cause sometimes there are relationships and moments in relationships that leave you speechless. An uncanny connection we had. What is even more wonderful about fog is that when no words are spoken, or when you choose them oh so wisely, so that only kindness and love live in between, there are no bitter words waiting to be taken back at the end. That kind of silence doesn't carry hurt. And never will.

Even when we parted ways - cause it was just time - there was no anger.  Made me wonder if all that time spent in the presence of silence and stillness and.....just being....really does forge connections that are eternal, no matter how far the fog drifts.

About that time I made a left turn
and traveled


Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

To maintain a friendship with such a close connection after the relationship ended... is rare.
Must be the fog.

Mimi Lenox said...

Must be.

Travis Cody said...

I know of this fog.

Akelamalu said...

Ah the fog! Are you sure you shouldn't still be with him? It's not often couples get the fog.

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

The fog will roll back in...I know, it did for me

Red Shoes said...

That 'fog' is special... I know of what you are writing about. Sometimes with some people, there is no fog...

There is a former lover that still contacts me from time to time... and I her... and it seems that we are thinking of the other when these things happen...



Ferd said...

I'm thinking you made a "right" turn.

Yet it is nice to have these meaningful connections, with all the highs and lows they bring. That's life!

Mimi Lenox said...

Travis - Smile

Akelamalu - He was special indeed.
It's complicated.

Vinny - I am ready for the fog.

Red Shoes - You know the fog too!

Ferd - LOL. I think you're right. But isn't it nice when there's no bitterness or pain after all this time?

Anonymous said...

Hot from the deep mind that is Sir Tom Eagerly:
You know Mimi, sometimes Sir Tom wakes up in a fog but it's usually alcohol induced. Sometimes I think I'm my own best friend.
Did you know that London hardly ever gets any fog? (Sorry, Mr Gershwin.)
Anyway I think it's simply spiffing that you maintain a good relationship with an ex. I have had a great deal of trouble getting Lady Eagerly to become an ex!
Bottoms up!

Mark In Mayenne said...


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