Friday, January 28, 2011

We Remember

Do you remember where you were when this happened?
I do.
...and the sinking feeling of disbelief in the pit of my stomach as I watched the Challenger launch on television that day.

The crew of Space Shuttle mission pose for their official portrait on November 15, 1985. In the back row from left to right:  Ellison Onizuka, Sharon Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis, and Judy Resnik.
In the front row from left to right: Michael J. Smith, Dick Scobee, and Ron McNair.

Just like that...hope, excitement and promise turned to horror.
Four miles above the earth, an apparent fireball, and then they fell into the ocean. What has always haunted me about that scene was the stillness and plumes of smoke and water vapor falling falling falling.....  No one realized at the time that the astronauts may have been conscious for another 2  minutes and 45 seconds, as later reports revealed that three of the four emergency air containers had been activated before the Shuttle hit the water.
On board Challenger was an American flag, dubbed the Challenge flag, that was sponsored by Boy Scout Troop 514 of Monument, Colorado.  Upon recovery of the Challenger, it was found intact, still sealed in its plastic container. The flag was later returned to the Troop 514 in a special ceremony.
(source Wikipedia)

How could it possibly have been 25 years ago?
I will always remember the crew of The Challenger.
What were your thoughts that day?

Images: Public Domain


Akelamalu said...

Terrible tragedy 25 years ago - sad. :(

Travis Cody said...

The thing I remember most about that day was not understanding what had happened. There was the gasp and cheer from the crowd when Challenger seemed like it was a sequence in the launch.

Then there was the sinking feeling of horror when it finally became clear that the explosion was not part of the launch, and that we had just watched the death of 7 people.

The thing that stays with me to this day is that the family members and friends of those 7 people saw that happen.

Michelle said...

I remember watching in on TV at home.

Such a tragedy. :-(

On a happier note.

I just added new Peace Globe Page on my blog. If you want any particular links added there - let me know, ok?


Ferd said...

I was in Toledo Hospital, holding my brand new baby boy, Kevin. I was overwhelmed by a flood of emotions, the end of precious lives, and the beginning of my dear son's life. I think of them every year at my son's birthday, and I think of my son whenever I am reminded of this awful tragedy.

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