Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Mimisms ~ Queen Calls for Globes (Got Any Cheetos?)

I, Mimi Queen of Memes, Mimi Pencil Skirt, Her Royal Blogginess, Keeper of The Peace Globes, Owner of the Dungeon Keys and other names bestowed upon me by my royal subjects in the wee hours that shall remain unspoken, hereby request that you send in your peace globes. It is time to let them fly.

I've been hunkered down in the castle with my calculator counting all day. 
Here are the results:

The countries: Bulawayo Zimbabwe Rancho Gavilan: Canon Tajo Mexico Japan South Moravia Czech Republic Afghanistan Tasmania Sydney New South Wales Queensland Melbourne Rurality Victoria West Hobart Australia Costa Rica Brazil  Nairobi Kenya Waterloo Belgium  Bosnia Bulgaria Athens Greece Somerset West Cape Town Shelly Beach South Africa Middle East Grand Prairie Ontario Calgary Alberta British Virgin Islands Kenya Finland The Maritimes White Rock Prince Edward Island British Columbia Newfoundland Labrador Halifax Nova Scotia Toronto Canada San Jose Costa Rica Ile de France Antony Paris France Calcutta Mumbai Maharashtra New Delhi India Berlin Germany Hong Kong Indonesia Dungloe Ireland Tel Aviv Israel Italy North Korea Penang Selangor Malaysia Wellington Montenegro  Austria New Zealand Nigeria Oslo Norway Oman ParaƱaque, Metro Manila Puerto Princesa Quezon City Philippines Poland Lisboa Portugal Sarajevo Singapore Barcelona Scotland South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand The Netherlands Trinidad and Tobago Istanbul Turkey Wales Devon Great Britain Yorkshire Isle of Wight East Sussex West Sussex Plymouth Devon West Midland Lancashire Wiltshire London England Scotland United Kingdom United States United Arab Emeritas  and The High Seas represented by Empress Bee of the High Seas Republic of China

There are only 2 states missing in the United States - Wyoming and South Dakota. STILL.  Doesn't SOMEbody know SOMEbody who knows SOMEbody from Wyoming or South Dakota??

There are 249 peace globes with Unknown Locations
I wish the unknowns would make themselves known.

According to the Official Peace Globe Gallery statistics (calculated by the Accounting Firm of Pencil Skirt and Pencil Skirt) the location with the highest number of peace globes from any one location is Canada with 154 flying blue! California follows admirably with 105. Germany (57) Florida (54) Australia (25) and Cat peace bloggers at 452! Sorry, but the dog count stands at 55. I attribute this to the fact that purrring is innately more peaceful than barking, in my humble opinion. Puuuuurhaps that is why there are so many cat peace globes. I've noticed that they stay away from each other in the blogosphere as well. And Daisy always dresses so nicely for the occasion! We might need to work on getting along....

Connecticut and Georgia are tied at 34 with Virginia a close 36. Sounds like a basketball conference!  Illinois has 23 and Malaysia 21. Michigan holds steady with 44 peace globes and New York with a respectabe 47. North Carolina at 42 and Ohio at 47 entries. 
There are 35 peace globes from the Philippines but that is bound to change at any moment. There is always a flurry of activity from that region.
And I haven't even begun to count the entries on Facebook. There are 458 "Likes" on the Fan Page, 1119 signed up on the Cause page, 250 RSVP'd on the Event page and we're awaiting replies from nearly 2000 more. Maybe it's time to realize this thing is bigger than I am and call it a day. Ya think?  And please, don't ask me about Twitter. I lost count about 100 tweets ago.

**This is my perch. Notice the high tech method of calculation. A globe, a paper map that cost $1.00 and a cup of coffee. Move over Merrill Lynch** 

 Tennessee and Texas are neck-and-neck with 49 and 46 respectively.   The United Kingdom has 90 (!) and those simply listed as United States stands at 116. Of course ONE of those COULD be the missing Wyoming and South Dakota but they're not telling. 
I guess they have their reasons. 

This is Mimi Pencil Skirt (Her Royal Blogginess) reporting live from the lovely land of the Peace Globes.
Have a good night.

It's been a long day
I ran out of Cheetos.
Over and out.


one heart said...

Love your report! Oh yeah, Cheetos are a girl's best friend.. Thanks for staying up to post it!!

Go Team CATS!!

Travis Cody said...

I knew there would be Cheetos.

Julia Smith said...

Getting excited...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wonderful, Mimi. This is huge!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Nice math skills....I sent mine in

Jamie said...

I wonder if we will break Mr. Linky on Nov 4. That is going to be fun to watch. Reminder for everyone. Whenever you visit a blog flying a globe, please share it on Face Book and Twitter. Use hash tags on twitter whenever possible #donanobispacem #blogblastforpeace

Shannon W. said...

I have Cheetos and I will share.

Terica said...

I have a friend in SD heading to talk her into it ! Peace

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