Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How To Put Your Peace Globe on Facebook

How to Put Your Peace Globe on FACEBOOK
(Even If You Don't Have A Blog)
aka How to Turn Facebook Blue For One Day)

1. Go here to get a peace globe or grab a template from this FB album  to decorate and sign (we have pre-designed globes too)

2. On November 4th: Change your FB status to "Dona nobis pacem" (Grant us peace) for the entire day  OPTIONAL: Use your peace globe as your profile pic as well

3.  Attach your peace globe to your wall.  COMMENT. LIKE. SHARE
(Bloggers: Attach your peace post to your FB Wall and the Fan Page wall. Comment. Like. Share.)

4.  Post your peace globe to the BlogBlast For Peace Fan Page 
Facebook FAN PAGE
 TAG YOURSELF and others so that I can find you later. Each globe gets an official number and permanent place in the online gallery at BlogBlast For Peace.com  and in the FB albums
Leave your location in the comment (if you feel comfortable doing so) so that I can count the countries


5. Go to Mimi Writes (my blog) and sign the Mr. Linky using your FB url so that bloggers can find your peace globe and visit you. Here's the best part! Visit others. Be inspired by the rest of the world. We all want the same thing. Peace. You'll be amazed at what you see and read.

Other activities on Facebook to check out on November 4th:
Go to the CAUSE page and post your peace links and globes
Go to the EVENT page and check out what's happening there. Write on the wall.
Go to BlogBlast For Peace.com and watch the steady stream of globes come in
Google peace globes to track the flow of activity on the Internet
 Remember: Everywhere you go and see a peace globe COMMENT. LIKE. SHARE. SUGGEST  (Even better, everywhere you go and don't see a peace globe, wish someone peace)
 SHARE quotes, videos, observations of the day, peace stories and other folks' links
SHARE it til the NewsFeeds turn blue (smile)

And please, for the love of all that is peaceful, bring me a cup of coffee.

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Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Look at you go Queen PeaceGlobe...Look at you go

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