Tuesday, August 25, 2009

You Said Some Powerful Things

I'll just let you speak.....

From Cap'n Dyke Lesbian Pirate Queen and Rogue Blogger ~ November 2008 #1279
"Push aside your learned prejudices an’ your home-grown belief systems. See each other as human beings. We can’t turn this country around unless we learn t’work together. We don’t have to ‘love’ each other. We simply need t’view each other as fellow humans worthy of each and every one o’ our rights as a human being - All of us; no one left out; ever."

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
"I invite everyone to spend the day communicating with others. Perhaps someone you might not normally speak to. Only through exposure to the new can we attempt to break free from the bondage of the past."

From Blue Country Magic in Virginia ~ November 2007

"Seemingly one little voice crying out amidst the turmoil won't be heard, but maybe the hundreds, thousands, millions of us who know that the world can be a nicer place if we only decide it will be can raise our voices until the sound smashes the sound barrier."

From Quilly (Honolulu, Hawaii) in a comment to Maremagnum who lives in Spain ~ November 2008 #1288
"I try to live peace on a daily basis. I don't always succeed. Sometimes I let anger and frustration rule. Peace is far more productive. And, I sleep better than my enemies do."

and finally....

From Ruth's Me, My Life, My Garden in Great Cornard, Suffolk, United Kingdom ~ November 2008 ~ #1318

"My one small voice may not be able to stop the wars around the world...but if it will make you stop and think and prevent one petty squabble...who knows...maybe like a pebble dropped into a lake...the ripples of peace will spread."

November 5, 2009
The Peace Globe Gallery


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Travis said...

One of my favorite things about Peace Globe day is visiting all the blogs and reading the words about peace. This is an outstanding community.

bobbie said...

Beautiful, Mimi.


Ever wonder what you were placed on earth to do? You've found it! What would we do without you, Mimi Pencil Skirt?

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