Monday, August 24, 2009

Treat The People That You Don't Love Well Too

From Luxor A White Cat ~ New Mexico ~ November 2008 ~ #1277"I always picture us linked together by our individual globes, our heartfelt wishes spreading out over the blogosphere in a wave of love and light and hope for the future."
What a smart cat.

From HouseCat Confidential in Nevada ~ November 2008 ~ #1290
"Will my post, joined with many others, help to create peace? Will my humble post stop countries from going to war? I think that's probably too much for me to hope for. I'm but one small cat after all. I will try to demonstrate peace within my own sphere of influence and hope that my small piece of peace will encourage others to do the same. Perhaps with each of us making the effort in our own small spheres we can make changes the giant sphere you see above." and "Treat the ones you love well.
Treat the people that you don't love well too."

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    Charles Gramlich said...

    My cat is probably wondering mostly whether she can eat it.

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Charles - But does she have a blog? That is the question.

    Cogitator said...

    My cat is also wondering where the food comes into it.

    Dawn (Twisted Sister) said...

    Hang on...I'll have to channel my cat...
    These are beautiful globes!

    Julie said...

    Now I always knew i liked animals better then people. Hmmmm...well....

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Cogitator - Why don't you ask her what she thinks of global peace and report back to me?

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Dawn - That made me sad. Sorry to bring it up!

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Julie - They can be quite insightful.

    Travis said...

    Mr Tucker says YOW MROW ROWL YOW.

    I think that means "Peace is a timely meal".

    Well? What did you expect? He's a cat, not a cat blogger!

    jennifer said...

    I was amazed at the number of Catbloggers that turned out for the last Blogblast. They represented their corner of the Blogosphere really well.

    And there WILL be a post from the Alabama Bloggers website!!! Woo Hoo!

    Mimi Lenox said...

    Trav - I've noticed that a lot of real live cats are cat bloggers. Who knew?!

    Jennifer - And they did! The first "state" blog like that to do so. Thank you so much for getting that accomplished for peace globes.

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