Friday, January 25, 2008

The Sweet Awards ~ Fruity Nuts and Cool Candy

Thank you Sandee and Jos.
I'll forgive you for the crazy comment as long you still think I'm cool.

I award Turnbaby Talks. She's definitely in a class of her own.
Award created by Jos at No Direct On. He wrote....
"I have created this award badge as a clear signal to the visitors of those blogs that carry it. It is intended to be a sign that says: "this blog is cool & crazy, and the blog owner is not afraid to admit it".It is for those bloggers that I think are really Cool -- and I suspect they are a little Crazy too.They are running their blogs to be a true reflection of their own personality and they stick to it. They are providing an atmosphere that makes their visitors feel welcome as members of their blogs' community. They manage to use the right tone of voice, write about an inspiring choice of subjects and treat their visitors and their fellow bloggers as friends. And they all do that without taking themselves or their blogs too serious, in spite of all the time and the crazy hard work they put into it."

I think Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U should receive this award.
She's a master chef. She might need some apples.

And who is nutty in my opinion? many to choose about Frank at Foxxfyrre's Honk 'n Hollr. He's one of the nuttiest guys I know.
Apparently me being nutty makes Sandee smile as well......And who knows nutty better than Comedy Plus?

Desert Songbird makes me smile! Have a great day, Songbird.

Thank you everyone and hope you're having a lovely weekend.
What posted on Mimi Writes one year ago today? A Bizarre Bachelor


Turnbaby said...


That's awesome as are you-- I hope to get around to the last tag--I swear I hear those chains in the dungeon rattling Oh MY!!

Desert Songbird said...

Awwww, aren't you sweet, Meems? That's so nice of you. I'm feeling blue because of this non-stop icky feeling in my tummy, but you just make me smile. Thanks!

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