Friday, December 7, 2007

I Have A Stomach Ache

I ate this.


then this...

and finally this

last Thursday on my birthday
Then I went to the doctor.

"Would you like to tell me, Miss Lenox, why you ate four birthday cakes all by yourself?"

"Because I'm a Queen and it would have been impolite to refuse."

"Would you like to tell me, Miss Lenox, why you HAVE four birthday cakes?"

"Because I'm a Queen and it would have been impolite to refuse."

"Would you like to tell, Miss Lenox, who gave you all these birthday cakes and why?"

"My four friends gave them to me."

"Why four?"

"I only have four friends."

"I'm not surprised. For a Queen you're awfully hyper."

"Because I ate four birthday cakes!! Aren't you paying attention?"

"Would you like to tell me, Miss Lenox, agaaaiinnn....why you felt it necessary to eat four birthday cakes?"

"You're such a cute single doctor and I just wanted an excuse to come see you? I'm trying to acquire diabetes on the fast track? It goes good with punch? What?! What?! I can't answer your inane questions any longer. I feel sick."

"All you had to do was delete them," he said reaching for the stomach pump, "and stay away from those bowls of rice!"

Thank you Travis, Bond, Katherine and Linda and everybody who left comments. You made my day special. It's been a week since I turned twenty-nine. Again.
I'll invite you all over next year when I turn twenty-nine.



katherine. said...

wait just a minute....

If you will was only an hour or two before your birthday that you actually let the secret escape the palace.

However NOW the gazillion of your friends know when the day is....

(damn...I so need to work on my cake making skills....)

Barbara Doduk said...

Is it your birthday?! Happy 29 hahaha

Julie said...

**wonders if it's proper to rub the tummy of a queen in hopes of making it feel better**

Anndi said...

Marie- Antoinette.. c'est toi?


Linda said...

Just imagine how many cakes you'll be getting on the next anniversary of your 29th birthday! Get that stomach pump ready now!

barbara said...

Best birthday wishes to you, Mimi. Or if we can stay with Anndi's French "Joyeux anniversaire ".

All the best to you ;)

Dixie said...

So glad you had a wonderful birthday... but had you shared the cake you wouldn't have a stomach ache.. LOL

Akelamalu said...

Four birthday cakes - WOW! No wonder you felt sick after eating all those! Glad to hear your birthday was a good one. xx

Bond said...

Well, now we know you are older than I am... because I am only 26

pssssssssssst... Katherine let the secret out and now we know FOREVER!

Travis said...

There's French being spoken here and that makes me all wobbly. really didn't have to eat all the CAKE in one sitting. You could have had one small slice at a time, and then frozen the rest to pull out when you really really needed a CAKE pick-me-up.

Next time I'll leave some instructions with my CAKE.

Mauigirl said...

Happy belated birthday! I'm just catching up with my blog reading!

I am NOT going to go on that Free Rice site tonight; I have to get some sleep - last time when I saw it on someone else's blog I couldn't stop for about a half hour! It's very addictive. If it really does provide food for hungry people, though, I did a very good deed that day.

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