Saturday, June 9, 2007

An Israeli Mom Wants Peace and She's in Grand Company

The lovely and tenacious Annelisa - our roving reporter from East Sussex, United Kingdom - has unearthed a myriad of international locations flying peace globes.
They're all in the same neighborhood.
And it's a peaceful day.

Suzy (of Near Aberystwyth, Wales, UK) posted a Globe (WW) at Diurnata

Annelisa (of the UK) posted a Globe and poem at Words that Flow, and Globes at How to Link & other stuff, Baring it all, Heroines and Heroes, Sultana Fling

Gattina (of Waterloo, Belgium) Posted a Globe and some peaceful pictures at Writer Cramps and a different Globe with a banner on Tuesday. She has a Globe and banner flying on the top at Countries and Cities, a banner in the sidebar at My cats and funny stories and Keyhole Pictures, and a Globe and banner at Gattina's Paintings
The Crazy King of Clowns (of New Delhi, India) has a Globe flying in his sidebar at Infinately CRAZY
Gabrielle (of Indonesia) has posted a Globe (WW) at Questions of the Day
IsraeliMom (of Israel) has posted a Globe at Isreali Mom
ZeroImpact (of Malaysia ) has posted a Globe in the sidebar at Impact Of A Soul To A Soul
HappyLizette (of Phillipines? ) has posted her Globe (WW)at Bittersweet Coffee

Whenn (of Cape Town : Western Cape : South Africa ) has posted a Globe (WW) at Opinion Minions
Thanks to talented photograher and poet, Annelisa!

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