Saturday, September 30, 2006

Morphin' and Memeing

I've been too busy miming to morph this weekend.

I've spent much of my weekend working on
Book Meme Central. Choosing templates, colors, layouts and formats. Once I get the process streamlined it won't be so time consuming. I've also revamped your entries to include links to your site (as well as the meme separately) and additional information about your blog. I've mentioned those who tagged you and placed a link to their site. Double whammy. 

At first I started simply listing book memes. Then, I realized that it's a perfectly ridiculous waste of space and opportunity to publish a link only without promoting the wonderfully talented and insightful authors. YOU.

Besides, people are more likely to want to read your meme if it's personalized with your photo and other facts to draw them in. After all, the purpose is to encourage literacy and love of reading. What a high-tech, entertaining avenue to accomplish that! If the creative people I'm meeting in cyberspace get more attention for their work, then all the more reason to celebrate. Now all I need is some high-tech traffic.

Next is Movie Meme Central and then.....drum roll please.....Music Meme Central. I'm a musician for heaven's sake (!) I couldn't leave that out. I will start a music meme soon (I promise it will be short).
Yaxlich also gave me a great idea to go along with that. More later.
If you don't see your meme listed, be patient. I'll get around to it sooner or later. And please send me any memes (all kinds) that you might stumble across in cyberspace.

I promise
a proper morph next week. I'm anxious to get out of this chair and descend upon some poor unsuspecting soul with my floppy hat, Cher earrings, and cowboy boots . I'm beginning to feel like a librarian.

Not Mimi-ish.

A mysterious man has shown up on my
Dating Profile blog and has me humming Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walkin'!
Oh dear.

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