Saturday, September 30, 2006

Powerless, but OK In The Philippines

We're all relieved and glad to hear that Lizza (I Am Woman, See Me Blog!) and Irene (Pregnant Pauses) are safe and sound. Read Irene's post today entitled Deluge for up-to-date information. They left these comments for us:

Lizza wrote this morning at 16:06:24 + 0800 to say
Hi Mimi,

Things are pretty much the same. Power is being restored to more and more parts of the city. I hope ours comes back again soon. But with the power lines down in my area, I'm not counting on it.


That Lizza, such a trooper. She is going through Internet withdrawals. She'll have a lot to say when she returns. I hope she's taking notes!

They also left these comments for us today. From Irene:
(who won Bobby Griffin's Bestest Blog of the Day yesterday, in case you haven't noticed)

Hello Mimi! Fear not. The irrepressible Miss Tourism is alive and kicking and loony as ever! c",)As I recounted in my latest post, the country is still on the throes of recovery from the huge havoc Typhoon Milenyo has wreaked last Thursday but - thank God - we're all doing pretty well under the circumstances. (and then some other mushy stuff which is great! Mimi likes mush.) I have found another blogger friend.

And from Miss Lizza (also a former Bestest Blog of the Day winner. See 8/25/06).......Thanks for the warm thoughts, Mimi! I'm still power-less at home (writing this in an Internet cafe again); Irene is faring better.

Complete with warm fuzzies from the great Bazza himself, author of Normal Life ( a recent Bestest Blog of the Day winner! See 9/26/06)
I am in esteemed cyber-company.
Go to their sites to read more comments from around the world. People who are wishing them well in true blogosphere style. It's heart-warming and makes me proud to be a blogger.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go morph somewhere.


Irene Tuazon said...

I'm glad you like mush. c",)

Thanks again for keeping everyone updated on our situation. Really appreciate it!

Lizza said...

Troop on, comrade Mimi! Neither rain nor sleet nor snow...and all that jazz. :-)

Merci beaucoup for your concern for your two Filipina blogger buddies. It's much appreciated.

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