Sunday, October 4, 2020

30 Days Until We Blog4Peace ~ Peace in the Time of Quarantine

This is our 15th year of peace blogging. 
Blog4Peace (aka BlogBlast For Peace) is held annually on November 4

I still find my own peace in the sanctuary of silence, meditation and prayer. Over the years, many of you have written about what personal peace and world peace means to you. Alarms are screaming PEACE PEACE PEACE all over the globe in the year 2020. There is so much noise you can barely hear yourself think. The chatter is visceral, urgent, alarming. But in this year of remarkable metanoia, we will speak from a place of revolutionary turning and change - because that's how the world feels to me at this moment. No matter how dark the darkness has been, we still have an obligation and more importantly, a desire to speak for peace. We are peace bloggers. It's what we do. The atmosphere, the environment, the rivers, the seas, the planet all need to hear words of cohesive oneness spoken in one accord - Dona nobis pacem - Grant us Peace.

If you've never blogged for peace (or tweeted, or posted on Facebook, Instagram!) this is your year to join us. I feel it in my bones. This is your year! Peace Bloggers come from 214 countries/territories and all seven continents. Over the years we've collected thousands of inspiring "peace globes" (like the one you see on this page) created by people from all walks of life, all nationalities, every tribe and race -  the old, the young, the in-between. Students. Doctors. Teachers. Parents. Children. Cat bloggers galore! 

We write and draw our hopes for peace on a blank canvas (like the one above). We write our thoughts about the state of the world on blogs, vlogs, and social media pages. We share our words with each other. We inspire each other. We love each other. We uplift each other. It goes round and round in a beautiful chant though the hills and valleys of  the Internet: Peace to you. Shalom. Blessings. Pacem. Dona nobis pacem. Grant us peace. Each year is more powerful than the last. This year I can feel an explosion of peace happening already. Not ripples. Not droplets. An explosion of fiery PEACE. The world is crying out for it. Peace bloggers always raise the bar to a higher plane.

IN THIS GALLERY you will find thousands of examples of the work we've done since 2006. 
You will read words that take you to places you've never been before.
You will find something in common with your neighbors who live across the globe.
You will feel part of a dedicated and honest tribe of people who simply want peace.
You will want to become part of us. I promise.
All are welcome.

Our theme for 2020 is Peace in the Time of Quarantine.
Get your peace globes ready and fly them NOVEMBER 4th from all over the world.
Then write a post for the day or simply change your FB/Twitter/Instagram status to
 "Dona nobis pacem"
See what magic you can spin out of this peculiar chaos we find ourselves in.
 This is the year to dig deep. Don't you feel it? 
How do you find your peace in the middle of a global pandemic? 

Please join us.
There are links below and at the top of the page to show you how.
What started it all

Use this blank globe to make your own "peace globe" to display on NOV 4
OR go to Blog4Peace and choose one of the many designs we have to offer. 
We would be honored to have you join us.

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