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Attribution and Copyright: The work on this blog is attributed to me, Mimi Lenox. Likewise, if you are or have previously participated in the peace globe events, your globe and post will be assigned a number and placed in the Official Gallery at By participating in BlogBlast4Peace and variations of the name thereof listed below*, you agree that your peace globe and links may be displayed on other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, Instagram, all online platforms, wherever peace bloggers are online, and shared across the Blogosphere and Internet in the name of peace and in the spirit of promoting this work. They may also be used in printed works and publications online and elsewhere by the founder of this movement, Mimi Lenox, in creating published works about the Blog4Peace movement. If you do not want your peace globe shared and made accessible to others, please contact me. Otherwise, please understand that this movement is all about spreading the message.
Thank you for being part of this incredible community of peace bloggers.

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Valrie said...


Please stop by my blog post and pick up your blog honor award! I participated in your blog blast and want to honor you for bringing sunshine to the globe... world-wide! AND

Thank you for a beautiful event!

Valrie, a mom of a MARINE serving in Afghanistan

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you for your service, Valrie.

LOULOU said...

Thank you each year when we blog for peace. Thanks for starting this incredible site and thank you for the posters we use every year. This is the worst tyrant we have seen since WWII. But so many are making life very difficult for this madman.

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