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Welcome to my blog, Mimi Writes!

I have put pen to paper since I was seven years old. I am a writer, classically trained musician, passionate peace blogger, student of life and published author. When I discovered the world of blogging and wrote my first web post in 2006, I knew it was a perfect match. Not a day goes by without a story to tell. But that’s not all I do.

As Creator and Founder of BlogBlast4Peace aka Blog4Peace, an online global peace initiative which hosts 214 countries and has been celebrated by thousands of people online, I’ve come to understand the enormous significance and influence of blogs and websites on our society, our consciousness, and on this planet now deemed a global society. Becoming the leader of a peace movement was not my intent when I set out to blog. But it has become my joy and mission, as all of you have shown me the power of words - yours and my own.

While I sometimes look in the rear-view mirror of life for inspiration and insight, I try not to stay there too long.  It crawls out of my head and onto this page where I leave it with you. You will find my real life stories, photography, a bit of poetry, the lovely landscape of peace globes in the blogosphere and one constant theme: change. Hopefully, I'll learn a thing or two about myself as I journal my journey in the Palace of Bloggingham.

Please tag along. 
I love interacting with my readers and getting to know you through your blogs and websites.
Thank you for reading my words.

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