Sunday, March 12, 2017

Who Needs a Weatherman When You Can Smell Snow?

I have this special intuitive power you see....
I kept waking up all night to look out the window because I knew I knew I KNEW I saw the weather report on the news that it was going to snow. Homer (the Palace Dog) believes me. Friends, family and colleagues believe me. They don't even listen to the forecast anymore. They just call me for a prediction. 
I charge by the snowflake.

So I went outside in my fuzzy slippered feet and looked around.
Yep. Snow.

I made this video just to prove that I can smell snow  that it snowed.

It didn't last long when the sun came out, but I hear there's more on the way later in the week.

Maybe I'll need boots this time! 
That would be nice and pencil-skirty indeed.
I hope you have a warm and cozy Sunday.
I'll just be here writing my resume for my newest career - meteorologist.

You believe me, don't you?

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