Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wild Mums and Secrets

It's been a wonderfully relaxing day in the palace of Bloggingham.  My plans suddenly changed and I found myself with a free day.  All.To.Myself.  I didn't even open my calendar (I hope I didn't forget to do something really important) nor did I look at the dreaded To Do List ( I hope I didn't forget to do something else really important).  All of that calendar-list avoidance was on purpose you see. An unencumbered day with a forest full of growing things was just what the Muse wanted. 
Did you hear what the mums said?
I listened closely

The wind danced 
my hair swayed

 he whispered things so delicate

that the petals began to 

he stood strong
behind the willowness of me

until all the secrets were told

The Muse always gets what she wants.
Mum's the word

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