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Monday Mimisms ~ Blog4Peace is Nov 4, 2015

Good afternoon, Peace Bloggers. It's that wonderful time of year again! Less than 60 days from now, peace people young and old, near and far, neighbors and folks on the other side of the globe will come together in a day of peace and's the 12th launch of Blog4Peace. 

Since 2006 we've been raising our voices as one. As bloggers, as friends, as mentors, joining with community activists, novelists, artists,  musicians, doctors, children, schools, peace organizations, service men and women, socially minded peace-loving globally aware citizens - wherever they may be - to unite each year on November 4th and blog for peace. Our reach has expanded to Facebook, Twitter, and nearly every other prominent social media site on the Internet. We currently have 37,000 members (fans) on our Facebook page alone. You don't have to have a blog or even a website to blog for peace. You can do it on your FB page, Twitter feed, anywhere you are online! 
Calling all peace bloggers. Tell your friends! Share on your timeline! Share this post with your blogging friends. Calling all who want to join us!
Each year we have a theme. It serves as a writing prompt to get you thinking about your peace post and to help you reflect on the subject of peace and what it means to you in your world.  For several years I've offered challenges to our readers such as the 60 Days of Peace Challenge, 100 Reasons To Blog For Peace, in 2012 we launched peace globes from the shores of the world. You always rise to occasion with inspiring words and heartfelt insights. 
This year's theme is..... Peace and The Power of Love. 
Peace and Love are not just worn out hippie phrases. They work interchangeably. They
incorporate the powerful concept of forgiveness and grace.  Peace and love encompass and ignite the gift of mercy within us. They teach us to look intimately into each other - not at each other - with the eyes of humanity. For we are all human. Peace and love enlarge our relationships.
If you can understand the motivations and intents of another, you can love them, forgive them, and be at peace with them. You will have no room for hatred, judgement, or malice. It's not about how they react or reciprocate, but about how the change occurs within you. If you can lay down your arms for a minute, change your weaponry to an arsenal of compassion, you will walk with a new knowledge, forged from a new vision, and those who are not yet at peace with you will see it and feel it. Making peace with someone is the same thing as offering love.  
 Change will come in your life.  If enough of us see the need for this kind of inward focus and walk compassion instead of hate, change will come to all of us.
 Change will come to the planet.
  We no longer have time to throw around useless mantras in the world. Our lives on this planet depend on the loving relationships we make with ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.  Look at the world as it is today. Do we need a bigger and brighter idea? 
We need love.  
So, this year I ask that you examine the way you interact with the people around you. Is it loving? Is it peaceful? Is it quiet? Is it meaningful? Is it for their good and yours? Does it serve the world? Are you happy and fulfilled in the circle where you abide? If not, what can you do or say to make it better? 
Love is a force field. It is all the weapon, all the power, and all the remedy we need. 
Peace is a natural consequence of unconditional love. I crave it in my life. I feel the pull of humanity at this crucial time in history and know that you do too.  Let's make a big ole' pile of peace and love. November 4th is the day.
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Travis Cody said...

I'm in.

Mimi Lenox said...

YAY!!!! Yippee!!!! It's Travis.
I knew you would be here.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Love is a force field? Oh yeah, I saw the Trek episode. My bad...

Mimi Lenox said...

Trekkies need love too ya know....

Hanna Filo'Faedi said...

Hi! I'm in:

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