Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How The Blog4Peace Movement Began

Papa's marbles
 Who Are We? 

How did this whole thing begin? It's well-documented in the history of the blogosphere. Since 2006 (light years away in blog years!) we've been setting aside at least one day a year to blog for the cause of peace. The first year there were about 300 of us. Today there are thousands of peace bloggers all over the globe. We are on all seven continents and 209 countries/territories. The goal is for all bloggers everywhere to say the same thing on the same day - in a blog post, a Facebook status, a tweet, ANYWHERE online - Dona nobis pacem (Grant us peace).
Just write those three words as your post title and send it out to the world. 
Grab a complimentary blank template (HERE) and make your own "peace globe."  Post on Nov 4. 

All you need is a blog and 3 words.
You can do this.

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4
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Travis Cody said...

Smooth blue marbles and little pink's that time of year.


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