Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 9 ~ 60 Ways 2 Peace ~ Families Are Blessed When Their Young Love Peace

Created by Inigo Boy in the Philippines and UAE
 Everyone on the planet benefits from the power of innocent minds and hearts focused on peace. All of us. It only takes one act of concentrated deliberate kindness. It happens all the time and we miss it. But somewhere... every second of every day, a child is practicing peace, making peace art, drawing peace symbols, singing songs, coloring peacefully, rehearsing joyfulness. Right in our midst. And we miss it. They could teach us a lot. 

What happens when we stop and observe? The older and wiser generation proudly sits up and takes notice.  Or we should. Young peers and siblings imitate and do the same. Communities are built on the sacred belief that we all must live in harmony and unity. Families are blessed when their young love peace. It starts with our little ones, as they reap the intrinsic benefits of the presence and love of peacefulness in their homes. Model serenity, Parents. Model peace. 
We will see a powerful generation rise up.
Day 9 ~ Peace is found in the fruit of your labor. 
Make a peaceful work. 
 This was sent in last year via Facebook from the Philippines and created by a special young grandniece of veteran peace blogger Princesita Parumgao. It is beautiful and full of her hard work.
 God bless the children of peace.
God bless us all.

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