Sunday, August 24, 2014

St. Anthony, St. Anthony, Please Look Around...

Five Things I Am Grateful For Today

 1. Facebook Friends who said the St. Anthony prayer when I lost something tonight. I found it in 10 seconds flat. Seriously.

2. Butterscotch. I am suddenly craving butterscotch pudding.

3. Organization. But sometimes you're so organized you lose things. Ahem.

4. The little blue butterfly floating around by my car 

5. Fabric cleaner. After I tore the house up looking for the cellphone (I forgot I placed it in my red emergency bag last week. I now have to clean under the couch cushions because the cushions are thrown all over the living room floor. I found a bunch of crayons too.....and crumbs....

Goodnight Friends and Thank you!
Thank you, St. Anthony!
In case you don't know, it goes like this: St Anthony St. Anthony, please look around. What's been lost, must be found.
No kidding. I suddenly "remembered" where I'd put it about 10 seconds after asking you all to say the prayer today. Amazing!

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Michelle said...

My aunt always prayed to st Jude for lost things (hopeless causes LOL)

It always worked. :)

I LOVE butterscotch!

Luma Rosa said...

Hi, Mimi!
Here in Brazil we ask for Saint Longinus to find lost things. Say so: Saint Longinus, Saint Longinus ... Ache such thing for me to give 3 jumping jacks! :)
Organize often switch places and hence lost. I think at the time of organization, good to keep things in the same place. How to find something in the dark.
Boa semana !!

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