Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hats and Sassy People!

 Day 14 ~ July 22
 Five Things I Am Grateful For

1. A long overdue 2-hr marathon phone call with a dear friend this evening. We dished! And laughed! And dished.....We met on the blog seven years ago. I think we solved the world's problems tonight. I've missed her! She is hysterical.

2. Hats

3. Smart sassy people (see #1)

4. Hummus on Fajitas

5. Empty mailboxes = no bills! I finally get the mailbox fixed and it is empty today. Can you believe it? The snails must be on strike. 

Good morning, Friends.
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1 comment:

Red Shoes said...


I love hats...

All kinds of hats...

There's a fedora that I am 'Jonesin' for right now... just trying to convince myself that I can/should spend $500 for it...


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