Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Blog Is A Hot Mess (but don't tell Kevin Costner)

George Clooney The Cat
I've been making the rounds and doing lots and lots of reading this week. It's been nice to catch up with many of you. I've read blogs I haven't read in years. You are still here???!! YAY!! And some I'm finding extinguished dead and gone. Others have renamed or reinvented themselves, made themselves private, expanded and even had baby blogs. Many of my peace cat friends have gone to the Rainbow Bridge and that is sad to see. LOTS of you are on Facebook and given up blogging altogether. I've stepped out of my usual blogosphere comfort zone and added awesome new blogs to my sidebar repertoire.  I joined many of you in Google Plus circles and continue to discover peace bloggers there. Thanks for adding me to your circles.  I'm still trying to figure it out and create a "Hangout" for peace globes. What is difference between a Blogger profile and a Google profile and can I have both? I suppose Plus must replace the now defunct Google Reader. Although it's been curious to see that my profile picture is showing up TWICE on most of your Google Friend Connect widgets. How could Mimi Lenox have two profiles in Blogger/Google? That is a little worrisome, they appear to be identical and I'm not able to disable one of of me....oh, you know what I mean.

Kevin Costner

Vinny Marini

The good news is that I'm finding so many of you on Twitter. Oh, by the way! Did you know that Kevin Costner and Modern West started following me on Twitter??!!! It's true! I nearly fainted. I haven't been this excited since Clooney The Cat showed up on peace globe day. And I didn't follow him first! Must be promoting his country rock band (Costner, not Clooney). I love it.... Costner the handsome outlaw cowboy. I hope he catches wind of the peace globes. Knock, knock, Tweet Tweet Kevin! Are you listening? 

You know what else is exciting? My blog friends have published so many books!!! I have a mile long list of reading to do and I'm so proud of all of you! Talent, talent, talent. Personal and professional growth. Impressive.
One good friend has become quite the successful BlogTalk Radio Host as well. Vinny Marini launched Music On The Couch ~ "Musicians You Should Know" which is now a top-ranked show and in the top most-listened-to category for music shows with thousands of weekly downloads. It's become a full-time endeavor for him and the up-and-coming artists he interviews are just phenomenal. (I personally think Kevin and his band need the couch....just sayin'...) 

Call me!
Political blogs are hot right now. I personally like to read both sides of the aisle. I'm constantly learning and constantly amused while trying to stay informed. I've found topics on racism most interesting lately...from Paula Deen discussions to the potential George Zimmerman fallout depending on which way the jury leans, to the topic of immigration reform. People are fired up and opinionated in the United States of America! Some fascinating reading out there. 

My blogging perspective has changed in the sense that I only blog when I feel like it. I've finally lost that sense of dutiful obligation and spend more time on other projects, personal writing, and peace globes. At least for now it's working for me.

 There are beautiful blogs to be seen. A smorgasbord of articles from every perspective under the sun. Old friends and new friends to be cherished and welcomed into my life.  And so many newfangled widgets and devices to make my blog life easier! I'm tinkering (as Daddy used to say) with the layout of the land (except he'd be under the hood of a car) and experimenting! Don't think you're losing your mind if you drop by and see things appear and disappear. It's just me. Tinkering.

You never know who might drop by. 
This blog is a hot mess and I aim to fix it.  

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speedyrabbit said...

that is very cool about Kevin Costner,I'm sure you'll get this blog ship shape in no time,xx Rachel and Speedy

Akelamalu said...

I'm still blogging - about our recent trip to London at the moment. :)

Mimi Lenox said...

... So much to do so little time.Thanks for the encouragement.

Mimi Lenox said...

Akelamalu... My first stop today. You!

The Gal Herself said...

I too am excited that Kostner is following you. In any sense. Maybe you'll persuade him to promote Peace Globes! (I don't question your ability to get anything Globe-related done when you set your mind to it.)

Mimi Lenox said...

Gal - Thanks for the vote of confidence. I shall work on it. Seriously.

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