Wednesday, June 19, 2013

For Me?

On my errand run today I found myself searching through the vegetable aisle for good ripe tomatoes, a couple of cucumbers, some kale and a tube of liquid steel for my car (but that's another story). I noticed a young man awkwardly standing by the flower bin staring at a bunch of yellow roses  -  a bouquet in each hand.

I rounded the corner between the bananas and the melon stand when I heard him say, ''YOU'RE a woman."
"Yes. Yes, I am."
"Which one of these would you like to have?"
His right hand held three large blooms and his left a cute bunch of four budding blooms - my favorite. 
"It would melt my heart to get these," I said, choosing the buds. 
"Thanks!" he said.

and then he walked away
They weren't for me?
The nerve!

Photos: Public Domain
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Red Shoes said...


Foiled again!!!


speedyrabbit said...

oh well may be next time!

Amazing Gracie said...

But you were the fair damsel to whom he turned in his time of distress!

Akelamalu said...


Akelamalu said...

PS I've published the first instalment of our trip to London. x

Mimi Lenox said...


Dawn Drover said...

love it... how sweet he would ask.

Mimi Lenox said...

Dawn - Lucky woman she must be.

Travis Cody said...

Whomever she is, she's a lucky woman because you have impeccable taste and steered that young man in the right direction.

However, you did miss the chance at the ultimate come back. When the young man said, "You're a woman", that was your cue to reply, "Oh well spotted".


Mimi Lenox said...

Trav - Ha! I will remember that!

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