Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Mimisms ~ A Visit With Doctor Bones

"Good work, Miss Pencil Skirt, keep it up," said Doctor Bones as he read my rehabilitation progress report. Span is better, swelling is so-so, grip much better, rotation not-so-much, fingers-to-palm excellent, flex coming along. I was happy to get a gold star from DB for all my hard work,  still.....I had a few questions. "But...but...I can only turn it thisssss much!"
"That's normal, Miss Skirt. You're only two months into a year long process. Your x-rays show the break is healing... slowly. Be patient. You've just begun."
**imagine pouty lips and internal temper tantrum**

And then in an instant of told-ya-so I said, "Well, I played two measures yesterday with my left hand just to see if I could."
**imagine a look of surprise from Doctor Bones and a rolling of the lovely eyes**
"And could you?"
"With lots of pain and very slowly. I hit most of the notes. And it was very frustrating."
"You are not ready yet. You have a long way to go. Maybe you should try again in six months or so."
There goes the spring performance. 
**imagine fire and steam coming from underneath my pride**

Patience is NOT my virtue. So I said...
 "I really miss my power walking, Doctor Bones. When can I reasonably expect to start that again? I can only walk a short distance before my hip starts hurting and not very fast. Should I keep pushing myself to walk faster? I don't care if it hurts but will it injure anything more if I do?"
He looked at me and grinned.
"Keep pushing yourself but not to the point of tears."

**imagine inside secret plan to do just that**

So, for now I'll hold on to "Good work, Miss Pencil Skirt," and keep the gold star.
He has no idea who he's dealing with here.

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Akelamalu said...

Doc thinks it will take 12 months? He doesn't know you very well!

Glad it's improving Mimi. x

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Mimi, I missed something! What happened? I hope you heal well. How frustrating - and how did you manage to pull off the blogblast if you have an injured wrist? Is it your wrist and hip? OMG, take good care.

Leave It To Davis said...

Good for you that you have that much determination and will power! You will be playing in the spring performance, I'd be willing to bet!

Mark In Mayenne said...

Push, ma'am

Mimi Lenox said...

Akelamalu - I'd bet he doesn't know the Reiki power either...thank you.

Mimi Lenox said...

Sherry - I whined to the entire universe. How could you miss it??!
See email

Mimi Lenox said...

Davis - I am going to do what he says for fear of re-injuring but I'm not happy about it. Nope. Patience....and thank you.

Mimi Lenox said...

Mark - Yes sir.

Travis Cody said...

I'm in favor of gold stars. Just be sure to follow instructions. If you must misbehave, do so when no one is looking so you keep your name off the board.

Fisher and Staff said...

I am sure the Doc doesn't have a clue to who he is dealing with! Speedy recovery, Mimi.

lime said...

if i may, for what it's worth, i will pass along the best advice i got in regard to "pushing it" when i was rehabbing my own demolished arm. when you are working your arm/hand it's safe to work through an achy feeling but don't push through sharp pain or if things begin to go numb. that came from my occupational therapist who had to invent whole exercises for me because i was such a train wreck.

i'm glad you tried playing though. little by little it will come along. hang in there!

lime said...

oh and another thing...remember when i said it was 2 surgeries and 6 1/2 months of OT for me. well that's just until i was discharged from care. i continued to improve even after that. when i was discharged i still couldn't bear much weight on the wrist (think being on hands and knees) but eventually i could and just last month i began yoga lessons for the first time in my life. i have to be careful and make some minor modifications i have noticed but i can still get through the class.

keep working just do it smartly. it will come. you are determined and that makes a huge difference.

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