Sunday, August 12, 2012

Curiosity on Mars ~ Pay Attention

I see two pointy fingers and a toupee. I told you there were men on Mars!
I know I'm a week late with this earth-shattering commentary. Just consider this a review quiz. You have been watching the news? NASA's Curiosity rover has landed on Mars - a mere jaunt of 150 million miles four doors down from Earth. I imagine after staking out the potholed neighborhood and having a latte on my social security money (just kidding!)....there will be much to talk about. If evidence of life is to be found on Mars, let the roving curiosity begin.

I personally would like to know if God left a fingerprint or even a footprint. Somewhere on that dusty orb must lie a map to the universe.  And if it is discovered that man once breathed and walked on that surface in some sort of quantum civilization, I hope Curiosity spots a journal left behind -  explaining why there is no longer visible life on Mars.
Perhaps we could avoid similar disaster if we pay attention.

Fantastic video!!

Me thinks we need a dustpan.
First images from Mars via Curiosity rover. Public domain.


Travis Cody said...

The photographs have been pretty darn amazing.

Charles Gramlich said...

If Curiosity finds any kind of signs of life it is likely to upset and revise many of our long held beliefs and theories.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Wow, Mimi, this was great to watch! The joy and tears on the faces of the NASA people......thanks for bringing us this....I am always behind on the news.

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