Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Cockroach As Big As A Mouse

Welcome To The Queen's Meme
7 Royal Questions on Tuesday
(yes, I'm aware it is Thursday)

The Beach Meme #122
I love beaches. All beaches. Any beach. Anywhere. All are a slice of heaven on earth.  Let's channel our coastlines, shall we?
 1. When you take a vacation at the beach, what do you like to do the most?
N.O.T.H.I.N.G as fast as possible. A chair. Sunscreen. A pillow. Waves. Wind. Sand. Sleep.

2. You are on the beach enjoying the nice clean fresh air. The sunbather in the chair next to you lights up a cigarette. You do not smoke. You move your chair. Then the person you sat down beside lights up another cigarette. What would you do? And how many times would you move around the beach to get away from the carcinogens invading your vacation?

I had to move my chair quite a few times during this vacation. Either I go ultra early in the morning to avoid people or this is the modern day plague. I think smoking should be banned in all public places.

3. Do you think smoking should be permitted on public beaches? (see #2)  See #2

4. Have you ever encountered a shark or other dangerous animal at the beach?
A killer crab. Here's the post with the video

5. Do you prefer hotels, condos, or cottages at the beach?
Cottages on the beachfront. 

6. Describe your worst experience with accommodations at the coast.

On the first leg of my vacation this year I checked into a small beachfront hotel/motel type place with a pool. I was still on the road traveling to my destination and it was late. I just needed something clean and affordable.  "It's OK, Mimi," I told myself. "You're at the beach! How bad could it be?" 

I looked at the room BEFORE I rented it and paid. I carry my bag to the door. As soon as I flipped the light on a giant cockroach crawled across the kitchen cabinet.  I screamed. Dropped bag in floor. Dialed the front desk. **There is a cockroach as big as a mouse in here! Get here with some bug spray! I want out of this room!** Five minutes later sprays are spraying, management is apologizing and I am rearranging my trip. 
The moral of this story? No matter how late it is or how desperate you are for a room, do NOT stay in a roach motel by the sea.

7. Describe the best beach vacation you ever had or tell us about your fantasy beach vacation!

Except for the family vacations we took when my son was small in that faraway marriage of mine, it would have to be two summers ago. I hit the road with no particular destination in mind and found the loveliest quiet condo in a very small beach community. It was absolutely heavenly. I ate ice cream for breakfast, stayed up late writing stories, enjoyed sunrises and sunsets, read, played in the waves like a child, washed my feet and legs and skin in sea water salt and sand in the early morning hours and slept a lot. I did that "nothing" I was talking about earlier.
Nothing is good.

Very good.

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Photography: Mimi Lenox


Red Shoes said...

A cockroach the size of a mouse is a nice size roach... just sayin'...


Mimi Lenox said...

Shoes - They tried to tell me it was a "waterbug"....Waterbug my ...!! never mind.

Red Shoes said...


Yeah... 'waterbugs'... ;o)


Akelamalu said...

Any size cockroach is TOO BIG!

Travis Cody said...

Did you at least get a discount on the room?

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