Sunday, February 12, 2012

Excuse Me While I Dangle My Participle

My great-grandmother knew enough grammar when it counted.
And most of it happened within side notes written in the margins of her Bible, pound cake recipe scribbling or handwritten thank you notes and birthday cards. Love you. Thank you. Be encouraged. Praying for you. Get well soon. Miss you.

Granny knew how to write succinctly.

So you've gathered she wasn't a prolific writer of prose. But she was a prolific gatherer of devoted followers. Me. My siblings. Her grandchildren, her great-grandchildren and one great-great grandchild lucky enough to sit once upon her lap.  We all knew that each year like clockwork and all things profoundly real, a simple card would arrive with a dollar bill inside. And two little words on separate lines with no comma -
I miss those cards..... and her consistent, prolific influence on my life.
 I don't think Granny cared about her participles.

What ever happened to style? I just want to write the way I talk, with imaginary hands waving and punctuated squeals. And sentences beginning with "and" because I still have more to say.
BUT (how rebellious of me) according to this article by CopyBlogger, thank goodness I only err on the side of dangling participles.....sometimes....and unnecessary ellipses.....see?....which should only be used to intentionally omit, but I just can't help myself......and run-on sentences (!Squeeeeeee!) which may or may not be hyphenated and I really need to look that up but honestly I adore them for effect (NOT affect) 'cause it sounds like I'm holding my breath and speaking at the same time don't ya know as well as the well-placed (hyphenated?) parenthesis which in my humble opinion doesn't get the applause it so richly deserves.
Did you get that, Bloggy People?

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Shannon W. said...

Got it!

I am not sure the I would survive without run on sentences. In college my English professor said she hated grading my papers because of run ons.

Christine said...

Love this!!

Travis Cody said...

So here's the thing. I pronounce each word silently in my head when I'm reading. So I can practically hear you when you write your run on sentences...and when you take the huge breath at the end of one so you can launch into the next.

So dangle away my dear!

BTW - I sign cards the same way your granny did...2 lines and no comma.

Mimi Lenox said...

Shannon - Have you remembered her name yet? You should write and give her the name of your blog.

Christine - I love it when you comment. Smile.

Travis - See? See??! I KNEW somebody out there could hear me.

Granny was awesome.

Akelamalu said...

Correct grammar isn't the be all and end all is it. You're Granny was a wise woman. x

Anonymous said...

Got it!
You wouldn't be you if you weren't dangling your participles :)

Mark said...

That is writing at its best. The way you talk. I love it. But a preposition is still the wrong word to end a sentence with. Or on.

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