Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Open Letter To Peace Bloggers

Dear Peace Bloggers,

I just wanted to write this morning with an update on BlogBlast4Peace. November 4th is almost here! Peace blogging remains an inspirational force on the Internet and I'm proud to say that the basic premise of simply blogging peace has not changed. And even though November 4th will always be our annual day on the calendar, it has become much more a daily purpose than ever before -  thanks to the wonders of social networking and the involvement of writers, poets, and artists worldwide.

Here are a few important updates:

  • I hope you've noticed all the countdown posts floating about on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere. I've never seen such creativity and concerted effort among peace bloggers.
  • The 55th country was added - Chile - and we are expecting even more international involvement.

  • We did a special 9/11 peace globes tribute this year. Those beautiful globes are currently in a slide at the top of my blog.
  • New templates were made this year, as well as a logo using my grandfather's earth marble as the globe. I love the way you are using these templates to voice your ideas and passions. 

  • We've opened a BlogBlast4Peace Zazzle store where you can find templates on mugs, T-shirts, calendars, postage stamps, most anything and put your own peace globe on it. A portion of the proceeds will go to one of the many humanitarian relief efforts in war-torn places.
  • New Registration button on my blog. In addition to the Mr. Linky, this will help me keep up with them and where in the world they are coming from.
I will send another reminder (or two) in the next three weeks via mail. We have a dedicated core of Peace Globe Worker Bees standing ready to make your peace globe and answer your questions. If you don't have time to design what you want, they can! Just drop a note here or on my FB page. Someone will soon come to the rescue.  **If you'd like to be a Bee, let me know**

Peace globes are ever evolving as you can see! 
No matter how much we've expanded or what the future holds for the movement, I have never forgotten, nor will I, that peace blogging began with YOU - a group of bloggers. It will always be a movement entrenched with that initial vision: the love of words and the desire for peace.

Many thanks for your continued support and participation.
I hope to see you again on November 4th, 2011.
We believe that words are powerful....this matters.
Founder, BlogBlast4Peace

Join us for BlogBlast For Peace Nov 4, 2012

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