Friday, March 25, 2011

Peace on Facebook (and other BlogBlast For Peace happenings)

The Peace Globe Movement (aka BlogBlast For Peace) has been rockin' the peace since 2006. All the amazing globes and post links have now been placed in Facebook albums. (click on them  below) There are so many people blogging for peace, we are happy to report it is an ongoing daily process to keep up with them. I seriously need an Administrative Assistant.

We also have a Facebook Fan Page (please LIKE us!) and a Facebook CAUSE. Feel free to join one and all. Keep up with the latest news about peace globes and how YOU can participate. Click the album covers below to see them! If you are a FB user, please share the albums with your friends. We need to keep the images moving across the world. Lord knows we need a little peace these days.

Next launch November 4, 2012!
new templates are here!

And don't forget to visit the Official Gallery at where each peace globe is documented, numbered and given an individual post with details on the creator and their blogs so that you can read what others have written on the subject from each corner of the globe.

Major locations by country and state around the world flying peace globes (and counting)
 Afghanistan Alabama Tasmania Arizona Sydney New South Wales Australia Switzerland Arkansas Nairobi Kenya Waterloo Belgium Berlin California Sarayevo Bloggingham Palace Bosnia Colorado Bulgaria Greece Connecticut British Columbia Florida Middle East Calgary Georgia Grand Prairie Canada Hawaii Ontario Idaho The Maritimes Illinois White Rock Indiana Costa Rica Iowa Paris France Germany Hong Kong New Dehli India Mumbai Indonesia Ireland Kansas London Israel Kentucky Kosovo Italy Louisiana Middle East Maine Korea Maryland Malaysia Massachusetts New Zealand Michigan Nigeria Minnesota Norway Mississippi Oman Missouri Philippines Montana Poland Nepal Nevada Portugal New Hampshire Singapore New Jersey South Africa New Mexico Spain New York Sweden North Carolina Taiwan Ohio Thailand Oklahoma Trinidad and Tobago Oregon Istanbul Turkey Pennsylvania Great Britain Rhode Island United Kingdom Saudi Arabia South Carolina London England Tennessee Africa Texas Scotland Utah Wales Virginia United States Washington West Virginia Wisconsin DC Vancounver Virgin British Isles Korea Montenegro New Zealand Newfoundland Italy Japan Kenya Nairobi New Dehli Montana North Dakota Mexico Vermont Oman Oregon Portugal Sarajevo Singapore Spain Taiwan United Arab Emeritas Zimbabwe....and 248 Unknown Locations

Peace out this weekend!


Ferd said...

Interesting facebook links, including the ability to write on my own wall from this post! I'll come back this evening and take a look at all the albums! What a lot of work!!! Good work!

Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

I think I have heard of this Peace Globe thing you speak of....


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