Monday, October 18, 2010

16 Days Til BlogBlast For Peace ~ Acrostics Wrapped in Peace

BlogBlast For Peace 2010 20 Day Countdown ~ Day 16
with quotations and prose from famous peace activists -

I am listening to the voices of peace bloggers.

I have long maintained that while there is significant noise in numbers,   the real power of the peace globe movement lies in the eloquent prose  buried deep in the pages  of peace posts from Nigeria to Switzerland. But when people are not allowed to speak, hope is forever silenced and change has no chance.......because silence is the greatest partner to apathy and apathy is the greatest threat of all. My hope is that this movement will continue to harness and illuminate the goodness and imagination of people whose  hearts truly long for peace and tolerance.  It is my belief that massive change always starts  with momentum born of passion and unrest.
Let our words start the flood  of permanent peace.
If we believe that words are powerful.....then this matters.

Day 16 with an acrostic from My Insights!!! written by Ms. Meduri in India

Gage my life
Rip me down
Anything for peace
Never will I complain
Till my death
Utinam of world
So please consider
Present us
Enigmatic gift
All wrapped with love
Care and PEACE
Ending violence forever..!!!

and #1637 from Dreams Are My Reality written by Amity in the Philippines
(*not  her peace globe above but I like it!*)
Amity wrote...


God Almighty
Reach us
A world in chaos
Total harmony.

Universal pandemonium
Sickening sight.

Peoples of
Every nation
Are victims of
Confusion, anarchy
Endless bedlam.

You have a voice.
What will you say?

November 4, 2010


Vinny "Bond" Marini said...

Still not sure...I am working on it though

jennifer said...

How quickly time flies! I am shocked that it is a mere 16 days until the Blog Blast.

Peace Mimi!

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